Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I don't do windows

Do you have a nickname?
I do.
My daughter, Abbie has given me one.
She calls me Little Arm.
  Unusual, I know for someone 
who sports Oprah-like arms.

There is a story behind this title.
It stems from an incident
a couple of summers ago.
On Saturday I had washed the siding
and scrubbed the porches.
We went to church that evening
because Stu had to bale hay the next morning.
I got up early Sunday morning.
I wanted to wash windows.
They had been splashed by all the siding grunge.
I was on a roll. 
I had music going and was kicking rear.
My windows in the front room
and Stu's office are wide. 
They are 44" wide.
They are 1/4 and 3/4, rather than double hung.

They tilt in so that is great but,
the bottom section is so deep 
you can't reach it and hold it.
I was putting it on a chair back 
so I could reach it all. 
The top is easy.
I was on my last window. 
This exact window I just posted.
I was standing on the desk
but couldn't reach it all.
I stepped down on the office chair. 
It was a swivel chair on a hardwood floor.
I flew back and sideways and crashed.
I landed on my left shoulder. 
I knew I was in trouble.
I had to focus.
I drug myself up and felt crooked.
I went for my phone.
I grabbed my cell, went back to the couch
turning the fan when I went by it. 
I was sweating and about to puke.
I called Stu and no answer. 
Then I called Maggie.
She answered and I asked
"Whatcha doing?"
She said "eating at Steak and Shake,
 we've been to church."
I asked her to try her dad again,
I had fallen and gotten hurt.
Two seconds later he calls.
He had no truck, just a tractor, 
the neighbor guy had to go get him.
We went to the local hospital.
They did the x-ray and cat scan.
The guy on call said you will have to go see a surgeon in Decatur.
You have broken your shoulder.
I bawled the whole way home. 
Who was going to babysit my grand babies?
Aubrie was 3, Everett was just 1.
I slept in the recliner and Stu slept on the couch.
I couldn't get in to the surgeon on Monday
so Tuesday we got an appointment.
I got disappointing news.
 My shoulder was pretty busted up.
They did the surgery the next day.
I came home the next.
No movement for 4 weeks.
I got some hardware, still do.
I slept in a hospital bed
in the living room for a month.
Not once did Stuart go upstairs.
He stayed on that couch, even though 
I told him I would be fine.
He was a great nurse.
He hired a cleaning lady.
He cooked, and he helped me bathe.
 He would shave the good arm's underarm. 
The other I couldn't raise.
He was (is) awesome.
We found a lady to keep the grandkids
on the days I usually had them.
After a month, I started therapy.
The doctor said if I could raise it to my waist,
he considered it a success.
No way!
The first session, I prayed scripture 
in my head the whole time. 
It was so painful.
I worked hard, and man, it was hard.
I couldn't drive for 9 weeks, 
but my buddies/family were great. 
They visited, brought meals,
took me to therapy,
to lunch and anywhere I needed to go.
After 15 weeks, I was released.
I can put my arm straight up beside my head.
I can reach behind to my bra line.
My deltoid atrophied a lot. 
I have built it up,
but it just isn't the same as the other.
I don't have as much  strength as I did. 
I can't lift as well as I used to,
but hey, I'm no little arm!!!


  1. oh my. I can't imagine what kind of pain you were in! but it made me smile so big that your man stayed on the couch with you the whole time!

  2. Oh girl...this makes me hurt! A shoulder injury is one of the most painful. I don't know if you know this or not, but I majored in Occupational Therapy and did my fieldwork at DMH! Oh the good ol' days. That looked like a really nasty break.

  3. Oh wow, memories! So glad that is in the past for you! You kicked butt my friend!

  4. Ouch. I feel for you. So glad your shoulder is better now. I'm enjoying your blog posts.

  5. wow. That is an insane story! Yikes!

  6. Oh my goodness, just reading that made me hurt! I can only imagine how much pain you were in, as that looked and sounded like a pretty nasty break! I am so glad that you are pain free and all healed now!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!


  7. OUCH ! I've broken my ankle 3X, but that was nothing compared to your shoulder... all those screws, look.... well, OUCHY !

    Glad you're back to snuff !



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