Sunday, January 23, 2011

What I Know For Sure First Edition

1. "I want my Mom" is forever true.
2. Freckles are cute, liver spots are not.
3. Prayer works.
4. Stupid has no age limit.
5. Chin hair happens.
6. Unexpected laughing, tripping, or sneezing results in a wardrobe change.
7. Fat does crack.
8. Being married to your best friend is a blessing.
9. You can't rollerskate in a buffalo herd.
10. Smart is all in where you're at and what you're doing.
11. Coffee with a friend is better when it's snorted out of your nose.
12. Bad TV is abundant.
13. Beets taste like old basements.
14. Sleep is a commodity.
15. Giving is way better than receiving.
16. I Love Lucy... still.
17. With neglect feet become kindling.
18. Lying about your age isn't intentional when you can't remember your age.
19. Grand kids are one of life's best rewards.
20. If you blather, they will read.


  1. 21) When running behind for a double date maybe it is best to wait to run fresh water for your fur babies 6hours later when you return home. Instead of rushing around, running the water and leaving with said water faucet still running full blast. I would note for the record in the 12 degree temps last night the frozen water made a decidely lovely glacier in my front yard, but john was most assuredly royally ticked off. I've tried convincing him HE turned the water on, but he's not buying it....don't judge me
    P.s. I've clung 2 the hope and promise that fat don't crack for a while now...all I can say is thanks dream killer.

  2. Love it! You are right on with this entire list. Several of them I wish I couldn't vouch for first hand.

  3. Once again, humor saves the day (the week, the year, the LIFE)!

  4. And I thought I was the only one blessed with chin hairs!!! So glad to know I am not alone. Now off to find my magnifying glass and tweezers!

  5. Oh girl those are great. Why can I identify with sooo many already?? The chin hairs, sun spots, blathering etc...i get it! Oh and I will forever want my momma;)

  6. LOVE this, Janie.

    Chin hairs...check.

    Giving is way better than receiving.

    I WISH stupid had an age limit, because boy do I have my days!

    And yes, I will always want my mama, too.

    So glad you've got a blog now! I'm adding you to my sidebar right now!


  7. cute! took me a minute to get the laugh/ sneeze thing but I have had babies so it finally came to me. ;)

  8. Janie, I could totally relate to several on your list!

    Have a great evening.



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