Saturday, January 29, 2011

Over the river and through the woods...

Last night the Reid littles stayed all night.
Their mom and dad needed to go on a Menard's run,
so I loaded them up to come over and par-tay.

Trudie Claudette, their dog came also. 

We ate popcorn and watched a little TV.
We snuggled in bed, and snuggled and snuggled, 
Ev said "Grandma, I very much love you"
a jillion times.
He is sweet, and he already knows how to work it.
Finally, Grandma said "!"
At 7 a.m. I hear them
"Grandma, it is day!"
We made frozen waffles and turned on cartoons.

Aubrie watched TV.

When I tried to take her picture,
she wanted to pretend to be asleep.

 She will not be an actress.

Everett did some construction work.
He was so hard at it his googles fogged up!

Whilst checking e-mails,
I was unaware that Everett was
figuring taxes

and playing with stickers.

Ev likes to maul hug my dogs.
I have 2 older pugs,
who think they are floor pillows.
Stella went into a coma.
Reta got crafty.

 Their mom came around 9
to take them to a haircut appointment.
I think I saw Reta give Stella a fist bump.
I believe with my hands-on attitude
and uber attentiveness, maybe
next time cousin Caroline will come too.


  1. Looks like a handful but fun! They grow up so fast...a blink of the eye..

  2. Janie what a wonderful story to share with us. I bet Everette had a wonderful time with the stamps. They are adorable. you are blessed with many memories of these precious times.

  3. Wanna know something odd...I had no idea you spelled Reta with an e. I for sure thought it was Rita with an i for about the entire time she's been alive.

  4. Oh grandkids. I can't wait! What sweeties you have. Sounds like they keep you busy. My honey would crack up about the taxes thing. That's what he does!

  5. Oh my goodness. You seem like a perfect Grandma. And the kids? OH MY HEART! The kids are just about too cute for words. What sweetness! Love the fun adventure you had : )

    Thank you for your very kind comment at Farmgirl Paints. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about the interview so I thought it was so kind of you to leave a lovely comment. You made my night bright! Take care : ) Love, Becky

  6. I agree with Abbie. I think you decided to change Rita's name to Reta like she's some Hollywood celebrity.

  7. OK. I love you! You are a riot! I have been waiting for you to start a blog, ever since Annie showed us your house on her blog. Now I must insist you show us more of your fabulously fun house! AND your grandkids are too cute for words!

  8. The picture of your dog under the chair cracked me up. It looks like it was taken from the perspective of Everette! My mom shares stories with me about that boy and they always make me "I'll throw you in the river!" haha


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