Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Unexpected Blessings

Today was my dear friend, Bev's birthday.
My good friend Carolyn, Bev and I 
started the party with coffee and gifts at my house.

We gave her no details of the day.
We took her to lunch then hit up 
a nearby small town for antiquing.
We had not been to these towns in years.
We junked and gabbed.
On the way out of the first town,
we drove by a lovely home and garden.
We decided to drove around the block to get a better look.

Bev said "go down the alley!"
I said "okay but she is in the yard raking
so I'll pull over an you tell her her garden is lovely."
I stopped and Bev called out to her.

The lady said " pull in and get out and I'll show you around.
The best part is hidden".

I didn't take my camera with me,
so I took a bunch after we got back to the car.
She was an elderly lady.
and just so sweet.
The house was where her grandparents had lived.
The frame house they first lived in burned
and they rebuilt a 5 room brick bungalow.
Over the years she added on to it.
Now it has 11 rooms.
The garden is fabulous.

She told us people from
St. Louis Botanical Garden had stopped to see it.
Just when you would be dying over a little "room"
there would be another little "room."
So many fountains...
cobble stone patios...
magazine worthy.
Then to top it off she says
"well, come on in the house."
Holy house walk!
We were dying.
I wanted to high five my pals
and "stir the chili". ha
It was so charming.
Wood paneled walls, 
coffered ceilings, and
balconies overlooking the gardens.
It was just brimming with the love of it's owner.
She was an absolute delight.
We stopped to tell her how lovely her home was
and ended up being so blessed by the experience.
We plan to return to see it in the snow
and again in full bloom.
I hope we become friends.
We left her with hugs until next time.
 We were blessed and happy.
The best part of the party...
A beautiful garden and a beautiful gardener.

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  1. What an amazing experience... in jersey, she would have been an axe murderer and tried to lure you into her dungeon : /

    Loved the pictures - glad you had a great day !


  2. I love things like this! There truly are such great folks out there in the world.

  3. Oh my gosh! I love this so much! What an uplifting encounter!

  4. wowza...just wonderful. your pics are getting really good girlie.

  5. What a great day!!! I want that house, it is so unique! Seriously, you guys know how to have a good time!

  6. these photos are moderately focused! ha! Ok, that's it. You've made me ACHE inside. I'm coming with next time and I mean it.

  7. Beautiful home and I bet you girls made her day!! Way to have fun.

  8. Good Golly! What a wonderful treat that was! I am sitting here smiling like a ninny!

  9. I'm incredibly jealous! I think I know how much fun you had. My husband and I stopped at a place once and went up to the door and asked if she'd mind if we'd walk around her yard/gardens. (Can you believe our nerve? Well, of course you can!) She was thrilled to show us. But we didn't get invited inside.

    We have returned at least two other times. We're due for a visit.

    It was great - but NOTHING like this, Janie. What a great birthday party it turned out to be!

  10. Looks just gorgeous!
    What a fun day and such a nice way to spend a friends birthday!

    Deborah xo

  11. Great!! the same thing happened to me a year or so ago, the lady, whose house i had been stalking, was working in her yard and I just stopped and said "I just wanted to tell you that i love your home" and she took me thru the house! I was spun up for days about it! Now we have become friends and when I stop by to see her, I always notice something I've missed before! that is really fun! i hope ya'll stay in touch!

  12. What a lovely time. And your friend Bev looks like Sarah Palin, at least in these pictures.

  13. Oh my. Serendipity indeed. The best. It proves the point that if you reach out to people and tell them you appreciate what they have created or protected that they will respond. How wonderful. Ann

  14. I love that sort of day - the kind where the things you "happen upon" are even better than the planned fun. Happy Birthday to Bev!

  15. What a great time and Happy Birthday Bev! sandie

  16. Oh gosh...that is kewel. Love the house ~ and I'd love to meet her and chat. So cozy.

  17. Blessed for you AND her to have appreciative new friends! Sometimes it's hard to find friends who "get" your passions... Maybe I'll have to just stop n chat more to make new country friends! Wish I were in your neighborhood to stop in compliment the cool junk on your playhouse(and let our monkeys play together)! ;-)

  18. Oh how fun! I think that house is just perfect with its gardens. Oh My Goodness! You are so blessed. I bet your friend loved her special day too!


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