Monday, October 17, 2011

What I Know For Sure About Camping With the CoopKeeper

1. Trusting the coopkeeper that I am an hour ahead of her and on the same time zone as the campground therefore showing up and hour late and finding the campsite all set up, works perfectly.

2. Blog readers who gather you up like family, feed you lunch, show you the sights,  and shower you with kindness are a really sweet deal. Thanks Lisa and Kim.

3. Nature's beauty is a real testament of God's great love.

4. Jayme is kind of a sleep walker in the middle of the night. She straightens things on the floor, she tucks you in with an "you ok?" and  light kiss on the bangs. She can be a bit disconcerting when she sits straight up and gives you the stink eye.

5. Borrowing your "neighbor's" drop cord when yours dies is perfectly acceptable campground etiquette.

6. Having a "look-out" is street smart.

7. Sweet potatoes in the fire coals for dinner and homemade turkey sausage for breakfast is worth giving up smores.

8. Bringing 360 million bee club shirts to be sorted into sizes when you have a friend held captive is using your noggin.

9. Hiking in gorgeous scenery doesn't seem like exercise.

10. Having a crazy, fun buddy who can mellow out and just enjoy talking with each other is priceless.

181. fresh towels
186. rain
259. a sleeping baby


  1. I loved this! I wanna hear more. I got all into you girls going camping I thought about you girls during your time gone from blogging. It wasn't easy not seeing a post each morning. Love the pumkin lights and I enjoyed your daughters post and photos of you ;=)

  2. Fun! Your hair is bee-autiful, Janie! Precious camper, precious ladies, and gorgeous scenery!

  3. Oh my goodness -seems like a GREAT time. Know you had fun - I can tell with your words. Waiting until the next installment! sandie

  4. What a time we had. Glad that all I did was kiss your forehead! Ha! Next year year - and the year after that. Can't wait.

  5. Where was this? It's gorgeous!

    Sounds like fun, but i get the feeling wherever you are is FUN!

  6. What a beautiful setting. When I get my camper (nothing on the scene yet), I'm going to set it up next to you guys! Yes, indeed. That's what I'm going to do.

  7. Janie, Looks like so much fun. It doesn't get much better than good friends, beautiful surroundings and a cool vintage camper. So glad you had such a good time. Ann

  8. It sounds perfect. Isn't there just something about our Jayme that is cozy and comforting?

  9. time I am crashin' this shindig! Loved your daughters posts, by the way.

  10. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I love that little camper, very retro.

  11. that camper is so adorable. what a fun get away! she sounds wonderful. love that she gives you a sweet little kiss on the bangs and tucks you in. that's a good friend.

  12. What I learned about Janie and Jayme:

    1. That going to meet you both is like meeting famous people,
    2. Your laughter together warms the sole,
    3. Your stories about life should be published in a book,
    4. You both have an amazing outlook to life,
    5. That an afternoon with you both can lead to some jail time.
    6. Most of all an afternoon with you both is priceless!
    7. Hope to see you next year too!!!

  13. Did I hear a "next year"??

    But where will you put me???

  14. Sounds (and looks) like Heaven! I imagine all the wildlife critters were talking about you gals giggling round the campfire.

  15. Fun!!!! I am in love with that adorable camper! Ethan and I want to come next year too! :-)

  16. That sounds like a blast. I love the Squirrel

  17. Umh! Where's the Home Goods Store??? LOL!!!

  18. You know how to have a good time! :)


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