Sunday, October 23, 2011

Covert Operation

Each Autumn 
I receive the calling.
It is a call for my A-team to assemble.
This year I put out the message.
Roll was called.
1. Jamie, (the sis-in-law)
Absent for wiener roast, exhaustion / unexcused
Pardoned because of a large UN-trustworthy dog.
2. Jamie, (the pal)
 Absent for other plans, better offer?? / unexcused
Not pardoned.

3. Melissa, (pal)
Absent for newborn baby girl/ excused

4. Abbie(daughter)
Absent for lame dating anniversary date 
after being married for years/unexcused
Not pardoned.

The team members that were present 
were issued new uniforms.
Ellen, ( treasured niece)
wounded foot, but willing and ready.
Jackie, (sister and new member)
swine flu-like cough, yet giddy and excited.
Nursing and more nursing, but in attendance.
Beautiful baby in tow for a bit.

nursed-up and left child with the daddy.
Primed for action.

 And me
proud, anxious, and incontinent.
to prank some of the ones we love most. 
 After suiting up,
we gathered preparations.
Bacon for the friendly? dogs.

 Water for the team's hydration.

The victims honored...
1. A fave brother-in-law and his honey.
We decorated their new-ish home.

2. A beloved nephew.
We support his campaign for our nation's leader.

You can too by going here.
Please support by liking the cause.

3.  A sweet newly-wed.
We threw her an Open House and 
a huge garage sale.

 And of course we didn't forget 
our rogue team members.
Jamie (the pal.)
A landscape potty for your efforts. 
You are welcome.

And for Abbie...
 A lovely porch/yard to welcome you home.

All your underwear under your fitted sheet,
short-sheeted bed, and re-arranged cabinets...
we have no knowledge of that situation.

New members are being accepted.
However, please note...
blowing us off
for other things
will result in
consequences and repercussions.


  1. I'm in - it is so good to be so bad. Looks like you had a ball! sandie

  2. OH MY I want to live near you so I can participate in all of the fun! You gals are crazy! HAHAHA LOVE reading your blog!

  3. First of all, do I get a cute hat if I join? Second of all, who cares, count me in!

  4. Putting THIS in MY "save" file!

  5. Gotta save those hats are the best part of the whole adventure ! You guys are a riot - I need to move closer.... think Lavender Hill would fit in the back of a bakery truck ?????

    : P


  6. I wanna be in your posse. Y'all know how to have a lot of fun!

  7. OH MY! What a blast! I think the hats are purfect!!!

  8. OK, you are seriously like the most fun person I have ever met!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!! I wish I lived near you and were related to you!!!!

  9. I don't live that far away....can I be the adopted sister and join the party???

  10. i was not thrilled. the maxi pads have left sticky all over the side of my mobile palace.

  11. Oh my gosh, how damn funny!! You guys are a hoot!! Wish I lived closer also!!


  12. Being crazy fun makes you live longer. You are a hoot!

  13. haha....I love it. Y'all look so cute in your hats.

    I WANT that red glider!!! :)

  14. My reasons for being furious w/envy are 3 fold
    1) While you were enjoying your evening of mayhem and hilarity, my other, "unexcused, better offer" was a family house roofing party. It was just as fun as it sounds. :(
    2) I want one of those damn hats.
    3) I. still. have. no. idea. where. the. potty. is. Yes I am that oblivious. We came home drunk exhausted Saturday night, and Sunday was more of the same. To prove this point I did not eat, shower, sweep my floor or do my dishes. I'm oblivious AND disgusting (but sadly still not thin).
    ps. Also, my fondest dream of being a metal roof installer when I grow up has died a sad death. Who knew cutting metal would be next to impossible. My hands are sore & bloodied. Metal roofs can suck it!

  15. It's a good thing you and I don't live close to each other. We.Would.Get.In.So.Much.Trouble.
    I love doing that sort of thing!
    My family thought I would out-grow my silly notions but it's not gonna happen!!

  16. You had me at the hat pictures! I was just thinking the other day, about being a kid and going out "raiding" at Halloween--throwing eggs, tomatoes, and field corn, soaping windows and T-Ping trees. Glad to see irresponsible grown-ups still willing to engage in mayhem!

  17. OH DARN DOUBLE DARN. Why oh why do I live so far away? This all looks like too much fun!
    If I was closer you can bet your butt I'd be along for the party!

  18. I love you and this idea!! so much fun!!!!

  19. I can not believe I missed this event!! I am so joining in next year!!!!

  20. I totally totally nearly injured myself squealing while trying not to wake up the boys.

    OHMYLORD - you girls are insanely fun! Or funly insane? Either one, I want to join!!! Oh wait... do I have to be local? Goshdarn.

    I LOVE THIS! Come prank me! :)

  21. You are having way too much fun! Ha Ha Ha! Love to you and your posse!


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