Thursday, November 3, 2011

I think it is funny

While I was away camping 
my girls guest posted
In one of the comments Maggie 
wrote to Abbie
she said something that made me laugh 
and want to share this story.
Then I promptly forgot that thought...
until last night.
Several years ago I received a phone call.
It's about my friend, "Kay"
whose name I am changing. 
We live in a small community and 
I want them to remain anonymous.
The story involves her father- in-law
and well, he wasn't the coolest.
Several years ago I received a phone call. 
It was from my friend, "Kay".
She was squeaking.
My stomach fell.
Had something terrible had happened?
Then I realized she was laughing hysterically.
She couldn't talk.
She was only emitting 
a high pitched squealing noise.
Then I started laughing.
I couldn't stop. 
Finally, I asked what was so funny.
At the time she and her mother-in-law
sold a product...
vitamins or cleaning stuff( I can't remember what).
They were on a conference call.
This was back in the day when
there was no mute 
on the participants phones.
They were strongly advised 
by the mediator of the call
not to hang up during the call
because the click was very loud and distracting 
to the other listeners.
Also she asked that they 
keep their extension phones off limits 
during the call because of the same reason.
During the call my pal's FIL
picked up the extension.
Click -click, he hung up.
Click-click, he picked it up again.
Click -click, click- click.
He did it again and again.
Click. Then a dialing sound.
Then my friend's MIL whispered...
"Mike"(name change),
Mike...I am on the phone.
Click-click. Click-click.
An urgent whisper...
Mike! I am on the phone.
Loud whisper...
Mike! phone.
He responded.
Damn You Sue!
The MIL hung up.
The mediator said
"well, someone wasn't happy!"
My friend hung up.
Her MIL called her and said 
she was so embarassed.
Kay reassurred her no one knew who 
Mike was.
Then she hung up and called me 
in a fit of laughter.
We still laugh
about it in our house.
Whenever someone does something
that we want to gripe about
we jokingly say
"Damn You Sue."
My niece sent me a message last night
that she was having salmon patties.
It is one of my faves and Stuart despises them
so I rarely get them.
I responded to her
"Damn you Sue."
Then I remembered I wanted to tell this story.
Hope you thought it was funny.
If not, Damn You Sue.


  1. This is going to be my new go-to phrase!

  2. Thanks for the laugh. Those moments are priceless. We have a few things we say around our house like that and they are still as funny today as they were when it first happened. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Not sure how to combine my comments about salmon patties and your struggling friend....but want you to know I'm praying for your friend and choking with laughter about the salmon patties.


  4. haha.....I love it. We (friends & co-workers) have several phrases that we say....

    *Damn it Connie"

    *It's gone part ridiculous" (a client put that in a letter to us) ~ ha!

    "I can't care" (another client)

    I'm going to have to add...."damn you Sue" to my phrases =)

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE inside joke phrases between families.

    We have several.

    But one of our favorites (and it's actually SAD if you think about it, and yet we laugh) comes from a friend who told us about a woman that once told her family she was going out to pick up Chinese food and she never came back. She just up and left them on the way to getting take-out.


    Whenever we are stressed out or the kids are driving us crazy, we say, "You want Chinese food?"

    And it always gets us laughing.

    The kids have no idea why and usually just shout, "YES!"

  6. I love this - can't say it out loud with my ten year old grandson around that loves potty words - but my mind will be thinking about it.


  7. This made me laugh out loud b/c one of the first times we went to eat w/you guys you said that expression & once we were in our own car headed home John asked why you were mad at Stu. I of course had no idea what he was talking about, and he said "you mean you didn't hear her say "Damn you STU!" like 3 times tonight." I was tempted to let him think you were radically perturbed at the studly stocky farm boy all night, but I couldn't resist pointing out his blatant ignorance. Once I corrected him he seriously would admit to listening more closely to you everytime we were with you to make sure you weren't dissing his best boy friend. I didn't tell you at first b/c I newly knew you and didn't want to offend, and then for years now I've simply forgot until this blog post.
    Ps. for a long time after our "first date" with you guys I would yell Damn you STU just to tease John. I think I'll start doing that again b/c I find it quaint and lovely and endearing.

  8. Too funny!
    We have a collection of these in our family.
    My mom could NEVER say anything rude about anyone. EVER. We attended a wedding once where the singer/organ players songs were UNBELIEVABLY flat. While discussing this in great detail after the wedding, my mom said, "Well, she played the organ well."
    Hardly a day goes by where at least one of us doesn't find the need to say it!

  9. If we were neighbors, I'd eat salmon patties with you. I love them. But we're not neighbors, "damn you, Sue!"


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