Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Frenzy of fun

November is flying by.
  I have been getting my jingle on.
Cut me some slack naysayers...
I have a full schedule.
Thursday, I am off on an adventure 
with my sis, Jackie and our friends 
Suellen and Karyn.
Suellen and Karyn are sisters too.
Not our sisters...
but each others sisters.
We try to "trip it" every year.
We missed it last year.
This year we are doing it big.
We are hitting the Big Apple until Sunday.
Then, I am home to work frantically
at my house/barn.
If you live nearby you will 
want to check it out.
Every time I go into the shed
my heart skips a beat.
Vintage goodness that
I want to drag it in my house!
Then on Thanksgiving 
Stuart and I are off to Sedona, AZ
for 10 days.
I have to get the decorating done
so I hit it hard yesterday.
I put on Christmas tunes and unloaded tubs.
I spent much of my time embracing my loves
as I took them outta storage.
I have way more than I need...
but as junkers know 
need has nothing to do with it.
I took my folks shopping today,
tonight was dinner out 
for my MIL's birthday.
I sit Maggie's littles tomorrow and 
tomorrow eve
I wanna spend time with Annie's kids
and my main squeeze.
Next week
I have some tweaking to do on the decorating,
and the tree isn't up.
I have the porches 
and the shed to decorate yet.
I guess at some point in the next 24 hours
I should pack.
Yet, here I sit blogging.
Yeah, that's how I like to roll...
by the seat of my pants...
living on the edge, baby.
Um, more like
menopausal, forgetful and in a brain fog.
Soon, I  hope the whirling dervish mode kicks in.
Doubtful since the time change is kicking my butt.
I will hit it in the ayem.
I like to get up at 4:30 a.m.
only to be
the walking dead at 8:30p.m.
I thought I'd share a few pics from
yesterday's efforts at
feverish Christmas slinging.

 That house in the picture is my Mom and Dad's house.
when Grandma and Grandpa lived there.
They did it all up and hosted open houses
from Thanksgiving until New Year's.
I get my love of Christmas and it's trimmings honest!

I saved the best for last.
My lil' picture taking helper...
the cutest elf evah!

I'll be back next week with Jackie antics.
You know her nicknames for me.
I hope to prove they fit her better.
She has already called me "ninny" tonight over
the discussion of coats or no coats.
She apparently cannot read a forecast.
Time will tell who is the true idiot.
Me... the one who leaves her coat at home
only to have to buy one or
Jackie, the one who takes a bulky coat
only to have to carry it everywhere.
Stay tuned.

286. sister trips
289. a husband who  folds the laundry while I decorate
290.  a husband who cooks dinner too.


  1. Oh my.... I can't .... I'm not ready for anything holiday related yet! Jacob has his annual BIG roto rooter cath on the 28th.... I can't think about holidays until that's behind us and God willing we get good news : /

    Have a wonderful trip ! Wave across the Hudson to Lavender Hill !!!!!!


  2. You've got my heart poundin' fast - both from the whirlwind of travels you're going to enjoy AND Christmas decorations! (Sure wish I had an excuse to put 'em up today.)

    I like it that your kitchen chairs have Santa hats. I like the painting of the old home place. I love the bowl of the miscellaneous bulbs. I like the little white lights. I like the shimmer. I like it all.

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  4. Wow, you're making me tired. Those trips sound amazing and your Christmas decorating is so bright and cheery...I wish you could come to my house and glitz it up. Good Luck with all your projects, you are a busy girl!

  5. We have a very similar Christmasy style. I love vintage Christmas. I found a 4-ft. tall blow mold Santy at the Good Will, last year, for $7. He's amazing. I also have an aluminum Christmas tree with the branches you stick into holes. Oh, and I have that Santa mug. I have 3, actually, and a pitcher. The pastel colors of your ball ornaments are the colors of my decorating scheme all year 'round. I really, really enjoyed your photos, as you can tell!

    I'll put some up, later, way later. (I'm still totally digging my jack-o-lantern collection.)

    God bless you, Janie, in all your adventuring and busy-ness. xo

  6. I love vintage Christmas.....
    I think you should do a blog on helpful hints and ideas for people who havent been to NYC...and give us some tips on how to do it best.....I wanna go again....but I dont know where to stay , what to do ....etc...etc

  7. Have a wonderful trip Janie!! Love all your decorating!


  8. Great decorations...your trip with your sister and friends sounds wonderful...enjoy and stay safe. That is a beautiful helper you have there :) Blessings

  9. LOVE all your vintage things ~ looks great :)

  10. Hey Janie - the nights are pretty chilly here in the NYC area, I would bring a coat, but thats just me.

  11. I just love your posts! I love your decorating too!!!

    BRING A COAT!!!!!! if you are going to go out past dark, you will need it!!!!

  12. Oh, my, what a lot of work. You were busy! Darling picture of Ollie.

  13. Well you are one organized woman is all I can say. You have almost everything done and you are off traveling. In the holidays. Whew.

  14. Oh my, Christmas has "done come" to your house and it is BEAUTIFUL.
    When I think of all the work to get all that into place I feel light-headed!
    Santa said to tell you that you are his BFF!!

  15. I can scarcely take it. I want to throw open the totes and get to work. Alas, my man will not allow it. It makes him crazy to think of me decorating too early.

  16. I have always been one of those "Let's do one holiday at a time" people.

    First Halloween, then Thanksgiving and THEN we can deck the halls.

    But now I kind of want it to be Christmas.
    All. Year. Long.

    Wishing you merry travels and a whole lot of fun, my friend.

  17. Oh, how I adore NYC! Seriously, love it! And your photos are to die for. My Halloween stuff is still up. I have absolutely no motivation. None.

  18. I soooo love that magical elf!!!! She is *the* cutest evah! Please come drag my Christmas (n Halloween) crap up n down 2 flights of old, twisty, head bangin' stairs... Have junk. Need help. Goin' to NYC in Dec w/my mom n kids!
    EnJoY your family FUN!

  19. Oh the fun you will have, and I'm guessing NYC will never be the same!
    Your little Christmas elf is just the cutest thing. What a sweetie pie!

  20. That little elf is sure to put the Christmas spirit in anyone! Have a wonderful time...sister time is precious and for me doesn;t come often enough. Safe travels!

  21. I'm so glad you're JoAnn's friend. She really does need encouragement to get her jingle on. Listening to Christmas music on Pandora as I type. Fa-la-la-la-la; la-la-la-LA!

  22. I thought of you today as I jonesed for a diet coke. Is you be gone? Is you be back? Janie Fox. You are a hard one to keep up with. The Squirrel awaits. I'm bedecking it for our trip out West. So let it be written, so let it be done.


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