Sunday, November 20, 2011

Black Friday Options

This year as everyone fights the crowds,
why not consider going a different route?
There are two organizations that are 
near and dear
to my family's heart.
My family, like most Americans
has much more than we need.
I encourage you to consider
doing something different this Christmas.
We love this plan around my house.
The first is the Angel Tree.
Names are available of children
who need Christmas provided for them
because their parents are
unable to do so.
You get a card with the child's name, age and sizes.
They list things he/she would like to receive
and the things the child needs.
You bag it, and return it unwrapped
to the location where you receive the names.
If you are local 
there is a tree at Maggie's salon,
Hair, m.d. 
on the square in Shelbyville.
Abbie has a tree in her chiropractic office, also.
Her office is located next to Dollar General in Pana.
The other gift idea my family participates in
You can give a family in need
a gift that will change their life.
Giving a 5 ducks for $30,
a goat for $75,
or a goat and two chickens for $100.
There are many different choices available 
that multiply your gift such as,
$1100 worth of medicine for $100,
$250 worth of emergency food for  $50,
or $150 worth of necessities for a mere $25.
There are numerous ways
 to share the true spirit of Christmas
with a child in need.
I  hope you will consider one or both of these
this Christmas season.
And another wrapping required!!

281. Christmas music
288. a Christmas mug
252. a day at home


  1. We are participating in the World Vision program...which is a bit ironic because one year my husband bought ME a goat for Christmas...but we're so much more mature now...

  2. We have decided that we have enough - too much in fact. We are buying the girls one big thing and a couple of small things that they need/we want them to have. The rest of the money we were planning to use for holiday gifts is going to charity. We have made a list of different options for the girls to choose from. We want them to understand what the organizations do and stand for. World Vision is on our list. Our church works with World Vision.

    We always pick names of children from the tree at our church and buy the gifts requested. I always say a prayer for the children we bought gifts for on Christmas morning and often realize that I bought those gifts as much for me as for them...I get such a sense of joy and peace knowing I helped someone that I don't even know have a special Christmas.

  3. Love these! Just dropped off my Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child boxes and am working on Water For Christmas. Picked up some angels at walmart too. Our family does Heifers goats, bees n trees. ;-) Love YOURS! Happy Holidaze!

  4. This girl does not do Black Friday....evah!! I love your ideas, we have a lot of choices here at our church too and that's what it is all about.

  5. Hi Janie, It's always good to give, isn't it. It makes me feel good inside and teaches the little ones around. All mine are big now. My sister Debbie and I have done the Samaritan Purse Christmas shoe box and really had fun finding all the goodies to put inside. I don't do Black Friday, like to avoid the crowds. Blessings, Sandy:O)

  6. Mom Reece's Rainbow also has an angel tree, raising money for orphans with DS to get adopted. It's where our money is going this Ollie in Eastern Europe, Ukraine.

  7. Yes...great post girl. Actually participating in the madness this year. Not a morning person...we'll see how it goes.

  8. I am glad you posted this. I will never understand sacrificing time with loved ones to go shopping and the intense need for more stuff. I don't have much to give, but I want to give something.

  9. I have done Black Friday once and the midnight madness craziness twice....never again! I like my jammies and blankie to much to leave them on Friday again! We have Angel Trees in our neck of the woods as well, and my kids have always enjoyed choosing items. We have also done Operation Christmas Child now and love that. Great post!

  10. If you would rather do someone "older" than a child, you can also adopt someone at a nursing home that has no family left. Something as simple as a new night gown can brighten their holiday. We did this one year and it was wonderful to see their face when Santa brought them something.

  11. I think it might be kind of fun to wrap a goat!

  12. Both very great ideas, Janie. We do Operation Christmas Child here. Similar idea....So much fun!


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