Sunday, November 20, 2011

Beavis vs. Butthead

 Jackie always makes me laugh.
I have told you more than once
about her nicknames for me...
Idiot or Dumbass.
Truly though, I think she should consider changing that.
You know the finger pointing quote...
4 pointing back at you etc.
I love her.
She is the Stimpy to my Ren,
and the Idiot to my Dumbass.

 Jackie and I watched  SNL together.
She kills me.
She is so excited Josh Groban is hosting. 
I say "that isn't Josh Groban.
It is Jason Segel. 
You know from How I Met Your Mother fame. 
Josh Groban has a thin face". 
She insists it is Josh Groban. 
She says " he looks just like Josh Groban."

 (Josh Groban)

I say "no way, they do not even resemble each other".
Then she says 
"I have never seen How I Met Your Mother 
but I saw him in that show 
where the girl gets pregnant?"
I ask "you mean Knocked Up? 
That is Seth Rogan!"

 (Seth Rogan)

She starts laughing 
and says yeah, that is who that is.
That is who I meant."
Um... hello.
I just showed her the guide 
and it says Jason Segel is the host.

(Jason Segel)

Finally I do a bing search
to show her what they all look like.
I ask her "do you mean Forgettting Sarah Marshall 
instead of Knocked Up 
because Jason Segel was in that?"
Now I am in hysterics.
She finally admits she has no idea 
what she is talking about.
I adore that idiot.
Don't you?

300. church appreciation dinners
243. a good crock pot
246. freedom to worship


  1. I'm so glad that "knowing what you're talking about" is not the prerequisite for a great conversation. You two are a hoot!

  2. Idiots make the best friends. That's what I think.

  3. You are too much I am confused, too!

  4. You are a hoot - I love hoots! sandie

  5. I DO adore that idiot.

    She sounds like my husband.

    He's sometimes an idiot, too.


  6. You sound like hubby and i. We're not just idiots. We're OLD idiots who can't keep up with the new actors/singers and have to google everyones pics when we get into an argument! ;-P


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