Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New York ... I heart you.

 Day 3
On the way home 
from the Statue of Liberty and 
Ellis Island 
we had to walk past 
the Occupy Wall Street demonstration.
I took these pictures in the morning 
and the police officer told us to keep moving.
On the way home it was dark. 
They were playing drums and instruments.
There was a huge crowd watching,
taking pics and video taping.
We rushed past.
We all felt a little uneasy 
with the vibe there.
It is a mess.
So many tents.
Lots of boxes too.

 After we returned to our hotel
 combed our hair,
and I applied a vat
of cream to my chin
we were ready to fill our gullets.
This did the trick.

We made the trek to the Empire State Buliding
for a nighttime view of the city.
Do not, I repeat do not
take the advice of the guy who is out front 
telling you to take the "fast track" to the top.
He will tell you it is like "Soaring" in Disney.
Funny, I do not remember "Soaring"
being lame-assed.
His name was KG.
He said it was for Kenny.
I think it was for Cagey.
He was off duty when we exited.
That was unfortunate,
because we had our heckle pumped and ready.
However, the view
stood the test.

The wind was fierce.
But we had donned scarves and hats. 
I tolerated the height
as long as I could.
I took just a few pictures but it was hard 
through the fence 
while puckering your butt.
It was so dark
and incredibly windy.

Day 4

I realize my license is missing.
I call Hard Rock. 
Not in the lost and found.
I call the airlines.
No biggie.
Since it was a return trip,
I was in the system.
I would just have more screening than usual.
This was our final day in the city.
We were supposed to fly home 
at noon the next day,
but the airline changed it to 8 a.m.
 We knew we had to be up
and on the shuttle by 4:50.
We decided we would just stay up all night. 
We would have a full day and night.
We got started by 
walking to Rockefeller Center.
We walked past Radio City Music Hall.

The Today Show Studio 
was on the way. 

At Rockefeller Center
the tree was up
but as you can see,
not decorated yet.
The skating rink was in business.
I expected it to be bigger
although, it looks fairly big in these pictures.

We had planned to tour NBC Studios.
The hotel told us there was a tour
every 20 minutes with no need
for a reservation.
They were sold out.
We almost had to give Karyn shock treatments
to bring her outta her funk. 
A New York slice of pizza pie
set things right with the world.
They had the meat.
I had the spinach.
We trucked over to Times Square 
for some sightseeing.
We got some tix
to a great show...
We loved it.
Loved, loved.
It was "I didn't want it to end" good.

We joined the masses
and did some souvenir shopping.

Later in the evening
we cashed in on some complimentary tickets
to a comedy show.
We we shuffled into a dingy basement
with a bunch of derelicts
to wait for the show to start.
We were majorly over-dressed
since we had our legs and butts covered.
Most of the women did not.
It was a 2 drink minimum.
We ordered up some Purel
and a shot of antibiotic.
We were served an iced tea and a water.
5 comics.
They were good.
Crying tears good.
Don't judge a book by it's cover.
Or it's basement.
Then it was time to go home.
We kicked back a bit.
We perused the interweb.
We called the concierge
to find out Macy's hours.
Surely they were open til midnight.
We had to go get those Ugg's 
we were now jonesing for.
No, they closed at 8:30.
Light weights.
We went out for ice cream.
We hit a pharmacy for specialty soaps.
Now it was 2 a.m.
We re-checked the boots.
from Zappos.
We discussed the pros and cons of each type.
2:30... we had become sensible over the boots.
We would wait until we passed 
the Galleria the next day
on the way home.
We showered.
We packed.
Jackie bobble-headed.
We waited on the shuttle.
Meanwhile, we witnessed the "walk of shame"
of another hotel -ee.
We made the trip to the airport
in super short time.
We checked the bags.
We went through security.
I was given a mammogram, a pap,
an eye exam and
 the once over for explosive residue.
Then we were off to wait the 2 hours to board.
We all bobble-headed.
The plane was on time.
We all sleep drooled on the flight.
In two hours we were on the drive home.
Galleria was dismissed.
No deer were sighted
on the drive.
It was a great trip.
I adore friend-time.
Laughing until you wheeze time.
You know the kind where you
may or may not squirt a little pee.
Good times.
The best though, was returning home
to the best guy in the whole world
who had a great big hug waiting.
Good, good times.

297. chapstick that works on your lips and your chin.
298. a happy husband
299. little kids who run to see  you


  1. I'm so glad you had a good (safe!) trip!

  2. I loved every minute of this account, Janie! Felt like I was right there with you. My butt puckered even puckered along with all of you...

    I'm worried about your license.

    Why didn't we make it to Central Park?

  3. I had a nice trip with you girls. I love NEW YORK!

    You did so much it was unbelievable.

    Those last two status look like giant chocolate bars - lol. sandie

  4. Oh that sounds like great remember-always fun.
    Beautiful photo of the night view of the city.
    Good job, Missy!!

  5. All I can say is, "Macy's closed at 8:30 in NYC?" What the, what?

  6. It's a "Helluva town... the bronx is up and the battery's down!" BTW - I was born in the Bronx, but now a days - it's a bit dicey : P

    Macy's on 34th used to close at 6pm - I'm surprised it's open that late now. Gotta come to Jersey for tax free shopping and malls open until 9:30 - lol ! Next time !!!!!!

    Glad you're home safe !


  7. I'm so glad that you had so much fun! And I gotta say that I absolutely adore your very descriptive story telling skillz....

  8. This is so funny I am forwarding it to my mama....

  9. okay...I am back to tell you my favorite parts....puckering your butt, being overdressed at the comedy club, the medical exams at the airport, buying specialty soaps at a pharmacy, and perhaps squirting a bit o' pee. Oh, and get yourself some uggs. I bit the bullet and purchased a pair and I love them so much I daresay I will be rocking them year round, 24/7. PS...I got the ones with the button on the side.

  10. when i finally get there i'm coming back here for ideas. girl you rocked it. what fun! you know it was good when you laugh until you pee.

  11. Sounds like you hit all the highlights and more. I have heard that "Memphis" is great and glad you got into a good stand-up club - sometimes they are not so good! Now rest up for what I'm sure is to be a busy Turkey week next week! Ann

  12. New York will never be the same!! Miss ya. A lot has been happening over here but I'm on the rebound:)


  13. Oh my goodness! You just crack me up!

  14. Well,I got dizzy just reading your post and seeing the pictures...I think the "BIG APPLE" is just a little too big for me :) I am more of a country girl for sure. Going to San Antonio just about thew me for a loop... :) Sounds like an exciting trip...for sure...blessings

  15. Hahah you kill me. How's the chin?

  16. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you decided to stay up all night.

    That's a sign of awesome friendship right there.

    Well, this and the pee. (Yes. I know of which you speak. Shhhh.)


  17. Next time you go to NYC...can I meet you there?

  18. Really, really enjoyed this post and fab pics! I am due to hit NYC soon with my mom, her 85 yo Beau, and my two shorties... Bus ride to n fro D.C. If any of us pee our pants it. will. not. be. the. same. Soooo jealous of your fun!


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