Saturday, November 26, 2011

the saga continues

We had time to kill today
before we could do our check-in
so we headed to Jerome.
It is an old copper mining town 
that now is host to lots of artsy shops.
The views were fantastic.
The drive was hairpin turns
and gorgeous mountain views.
You all know me and my height thingie.
I was on the outside of the car
by the drop-off.
]It is hours later and 
my heinie may still be puckered.

We poked around the shops.
He got a knife at Walmart on the way.
I got a hand lotion at one of the shops.
We support the arts.
Yup, it is what we are known for.

We took in another car show of sorts

He may be from that show Hairy Bikers.
Or he may have been a new take on the rickshaw.
 I waved just in case. 

 Tonight we are settled into our condo.
Tomorrow has no plan.
We are winging it.
Stu's feet are no longer barking.
His calves are bawling now.
I'll be back with more of the trip.
I know you are on the edge of your seats.
Someone call Travel Magazine...
they may need 
a boring written account of Arizona.
I know where they can find it
and now you do too.


  1. Not at all! I so appreciate seeing these photos!

  2. You? Boring? I have a suspicion there's a WHOLE lot you aren't telling us here. (That wasn't your condo in the last picture, was it?????)

    Seeing that hairy biker, you probably were happy your hubby had purchased his "weapon"!

  3. I really need to catch up! You are in Arizona? How fun! You must go to Oatman. It is a little mining town in the middle of no where. They are famous for their wild burros that wander the street. They sell carrots at a little stand so you can feed them, and I swear if they could figure out how to do it they would climb in your backseat! Just cute to see. They are friendly as dogs! I apparently like the simple things in life, but that was a good stop when we were on our way to Sedona from Flagstaff last year. Have fun!


  4. I like this saga. I went to Scotsdale for my 40th.

  5. I find any words that pass your lips to be fascinating Janie - lol. We always make our own fun and you are doing just that. Ann

  6. You kill me every time! I think I said that the last time :)


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