Friday, November 25, 2011

me and the pack mule

We landed in Phoenix yesterday morning.
Sut's older sister and her husbsnd 
flew in from Chicago to meet us.
We got some brunch and then settled into our hotel.
Not much happening on Thanksgiving.
We hit the car show at the convention Center
where I picked out a nice Rolls Royce.
We looked around the town a bit
and ended with dinner at our hotel.
Today we had great weather.
Tee shirt weather.
We headed out with
country boy, Stuart as the driver.
 He may/may not have tried driving on the 
city train's tracks.
We started at the Botanical Gardens

and ended at the Phoenix zoo.
After all, it isn't vacation 
without the scent of monkey dung
in the air.
Stuart says we have walked him too much.
He said it isn't the Disney Death March
that I made him do last year...but close.
He is a doof.
I am loving having him with me 24/7.
He makes me laugh.
And he carries the camera bag.
And the water bottle,
and pays for everything.
It is a sweet deal.

Tomorrow we are off to 
our main destination, Sedona.
I am missing a few people though.
 They worked cattle with their dads
while their moms shopped.

If only they would have fit in a pocket...
 I would have Stuart carry them for me. 
After letting the big guy rest his "dogs" for a bit
we are off to explore more of the downtown.
And locate a pocket knife.
Homeboy thinks he needs one.
He may need to McGyver something.
Or maybe he just wants to carry one.


  1. I love how in love you are. And I love the faces of those little farmers!

  2. Gosh, I love those guys look so happy! It's great to see Jenny and John, too. I love the one of you and Stu the best!

    Have a wonderful time, Cousin!



  3. I really melted reading your Thankful Post....then I laughed out loud reading THIS one. Your comment re. the zoo...Big Guy and his weary dogs & need to find a pocket knife. (Did he leave his at home? Surely he has at least ONE in his repertoire!)

    Y'all just keep enjoying each others' company. Make lots o' memories, Janie Fox!

  4. Oh my gosh...y'all are the cutest couple! Love seeing Stuart on here! And your photography has gotten so fantastic!

  5. I am kind of new here - but you so sure look wonderfully happy! I'm glad. sandie

  6. It looks beautiful Mom just got home from Sedona, she loved it. Those are the cutest pair of coveralls on your little grandson, adorable.

  7. tell Stu to be careful bringing that bad boy home on the plane. they will forever mark him as a terrorist. My mom got put on the terrorism watchlist (lol) for having a swiss army knife with a 2 inch blade in her purse. She obviously needs watched closely. ;)

  8. O you funny glad you and Stu are having a great time,you both deserve it! Charlie and I have been shopping and shopping with being black Friday and all...more shopping tomorrow. Be-careful with that knife business,maybe should ship it home...LOL! Tell Jennifer and John Hello. Miss and Love you my friend....see u when you get home...xxxooo

  9. It's so wierd to see pictures of you and Stu in MY neck of the woods! Enjoy your time in Arizona! This is the perfect time of year to be here!

  10. HIlarious! Your Stewart sounds long suffering ;)

  11. okay I spelled his name wrong. so sue me.


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