Monday, November 28, 2011

Dear Abby,

Well, it is official,
I am homesick. 
I am a turd.
I am a homesick turd.
I mean really, really?
This is one of the prettiest places.
It rivals Switzerland
and yet I long for home.
Mainly I long for my peeps.
My bestie is with me 
but I miss the other key players.
I blame them.
Go off to college,
let me adjust.
Then come home and get married...
have all those babies
and move 2 miles away from me.
I cannot be at fault.
But the facts are facts 
and I wish I had a 
Star Trek transporter.
I am spoiled.
Someone slap me.
I am on vacation.
Everytime I see Christmas decor,
I think I wish I were at home.
We have a Roman tub/spa in our room.
I sat in it and bawled.
Craptastic travel companion I am.
Well, actually I am,
because none of them know I am sad.
I deserve an Emmy.
Or medication.
Pray I get my head outta my heinie.
Maybe it is the season.
Maybe it is because I slept 4 hours.
(I had a great book and was into it.)
Maybe it is because I am a turd.
 I can't care.
It is what it is.
Today we did a Jeep ride through the desert 
and it was gorgeous.
We watched the sunset 
from a great vantage point.
My pics do not do it justice.
Tomorrow,we do the Grand Canyon via a train trip. 
I leave you with some pics from the day.
Pray for me friends.
And someone go hug my babies for me.

This next picture made me happy.
I feel better now that I have spilled the beans,
or whined, or complained, 
or admitted I am mental.
It's all good even when it's not.


  1. Wowza. Those pics are breathtaking. Don't be too hard on yourself you've been gone galavanting around for a long time. I mean it's no wonder you miss home. I'm so envious of your girls living close. I hope with all that's in me that my girls are close when they are grown.

  2. i'll pray for you. I hate it when I feel sad and there's no reason for it, and yet I can't help myself. SO frustrating to feel that way. Feel better, enjoy your choochoo!

  3. Dad looks pretty against the mountains. And suck it up and put on your big girl panties. We are all fine. Everyone of us is doing the same darn things and you aren't missing anything...well except Aubrie's Christmas show Friday, but I'll tape it. And if you want to say keep all the kids for a sleepover/date night for us when you return - we're cool with that plan too.

  4. I was JUST like that on my honeymoon. I was in St. Thomas with the man of my dreams, but I really wanted my little boy. Since then, I've made peace with the fact that--after 5 days away from my son--I turn into a crazy nutbar. It is what it is.

  5. At least you have gorgeous weather! For some there is just no place like home but enjoy the now..

  6. Ahh...there IS no place like home....but it looks pretty darn beautiful where you are. Enjoy your train ride (you can always sneak into the bathroom for a little cry).

  7. I actually get this. Thanks for having the courage to say it out loud. On the internet.

  8. Believe me I understand - I have that SAME feeling every time I go somewhere. I enjoy it and I miss home simultaneously!

    Beautiful pictures.


  9. Oh Janie, I am the worst when it comes to being homesick. I do not like to be away from home for very long but especially at this time of year. You will be home soon girlie.


  10. Dear Turd,

    Your ambivalence is understandable. If it is of any comfort, know that you are not alone.

    Tears are fine. Perhaps it has helped you express your feelings on screen. A comment from one of your daughters should assure you that things are well at home.

    Take a deep breath. Stay busy. Have a plan. Just look at that hunk of a man you're spending time with!

    Next time, don't stray so far from home.

    Yours truly,

  11. Talk about homesick -- I know what you are feeling I live W A Y away from my children and grandchildren -- and it's still hard to be so far aWAY!
    But I keep busy as busy as I can and dive into to the fact that I am starting a new chapter in my life and decided I am want it to be just as good as the last chapter.. or ever better! I'll be back..
    Hugs and here is an extra Hugs because I know what you are feeling..

  12. I get it.
    Those mountains, that grand canyon? They will remain unchanged. Those babies? Miss ONE DAY and they change!
    Quite possibly though, you just may be a turd. Although I do have my doubts.

  13. There is nothing wrong with owning your feelings.
    (Yep. I said it. Even if it's psycho-babble.)

    Now go. Look at the Grand Canyon again. Then you can remember how beautiful it was when you're back home hugging your babies.

    All will be well.


  14. Ok,these pics made me miss you guys and my arizona peeps. But I can't return for another 7.5 years. I maintain we have a strict family policy that we only see each other every 5 years and we take turns us going there/them coming here. John says it's b/c that's when the prosecutable statute of limitations is up for me copping a squat by a lovely stream in Sedona at my cousin's fisheries and my cousin then informing me the fish in the fishery are federally protected. Who knew my cousin had no sense of humor and the federal government were so fond of fish. Come home you wandering gypsies. sorry we missed you before you left, but it was deer season & the recovery from deer season.
    ps. mr. bigot looks like he needs some good toiletries and a dose of shutthehellup.

  15. OK..kid...Its ok.
    I get horribly homesick 2...After 2 nights anywhere, i just wanna get home. The pictures are beeeautiful though.
    You will be home to the grand babes soon. Safe travels

  16. I understand your feelings perfectly, but soak it all in Janie, because reality is waiting for you at home - although I know you have a great reality, but still enjoy while you can. Ann

  17. Think how awesome that homecoming is going to be!!! And....what book?


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