Monday, December 5, 2011

Santa, this is crazy

Dear Santa,
Oh, how I adore these.
They are in the new Anthropologie catalog.
$ 398.00 each.
That is insane.
I may be nuts, 
but I am not insane.
Therefore, I intend to make my own.
I have all kinds of trinkets
from my antique shop days.
The local junk store has stuff.
I am gathering and making a pile.
I'll keep you posted.
Tell me would you pay $398 for this??
If so, I have a ton of crap for sale...
contact me!

307. a good tube of glue
308. boxes of junk
309. Christmas music on the TV


  1. I love anthropologie, but I balk at even their sale prices.

  2. Maybe the decimal got printed in the wrong place???? I'm sure the ones you'll make will be even more amazing than these! Be sure to show 'em to us!

  3. I had the SAME thought about those suckas! I even pointed them out to Cory. Look out, Pinterest! The gaudy candlesticks are about to take overrrr!

  4. Hmmm maybe 5 a trinket equaling 50 or so. Geesh and the sad thing is someone will probably pay that.

  5. I must say Anthropologie does have quite a few things that I really like but but their prices are just anthroridiculous!! Can't wait to see what you create.

  6. I'm not sure I understand how it's done. Does one have to break out the bottoms and tops of the trinkets to run something(?) through? Or are they glued together? No offense, Janie, but I think they're ugly as sin.

  7. No way - but I can't wait to see how you do it - post pics! sandie

  8. Not everything is for everyone. I think this isn't for me.
    I wouldn't pay 3.98.
    Perhaps it's for those with higher evolved taste.
    Maybe you better rethink this one. ;-)

  9. I'll wager you could make a knock off better!

  10. LOL - that is insane! I cannot believe the prices sometimes... though I do drool over their stuff! :) Please do share the ones you make!

  11. Fire up the glue gun, I'm sure you can make them (and I bet you have the BEST trinkets!). I visited my first Anthropologie store in Boston in October. I was there with my mom and sisters...I loved the mother...didn't "get it".

    "Looks kind of like an unorganized mess if you ask me", she said. Her commentary cracked me up.

  12. I love Anthropologie, but their prices are a little steep.

    I can't wait to see your version of this!

  13. OMGosh!!!!!!!!! For Real????????? Lets do this for a craft day project...we can get all our crap stuff together and picky-chose what we want to PUT TOGETHER...What do you think?

  14. Never would I spend it....There is a lady around these parts that makes those. She uses clear apoxy type stuff to put them together....She sells them for like 30 bucks

  15. I love, too, how they are displayed by the dozen.

    As if almost $400.00 weren't enough for one, but we should invest several thousand dollars to get a grouping for our console.

    My wedding dress didn't cost that much.

    That said, I do think they're kind of cool. But I'd need at least 20 to do my dining room table justice.



  16. Laughed out loud- AT WORK! thanks for putting it in perspective today :)

  17. Oh! Please, please make them. And sell them for less than $398!

  18. I feel that Anthropologie exists so we can all get great ideas and improve on them, kind of like we do with Pottery Barn. Yours will be sooooooo much better (and quirkier me thinks). Ann

  19. Or, that we wait until people who have bought the stuff there tire of it, donate it to the thrift or have a garage sale... Ann again

  20. umm I don't think I could part with my money for something like this that I could build myself - I see your point - indeed!


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