Thursday, December 8, 2011

What I Know For Sure-17th Edition

1. I kept hearing a buzzing noise today. Like a dog, I kept cocking my head. Just as I was convinced I was having a stroke, I realized it was a baby toy randomly going off in the cabinet.

2. I have a 9 year old blog reader/fan. Hey Kynlee Paige. She says I am crazy in a good way.

3. I have never experienced egg nog. 

4. I adore Amy Poehler but I think she has doll hair.

5. The Waltons + Christmas movies make the Hallmark channel one of my faves.

6. As I buy Christmas gifts, I write them down so I remember what I have purchased. Today I panicked because I had lost it. I almost wept. It was in my pants pocket. Catastrophe avoided. Or, I could have just went through my bags. Duh. 

7. I painted my fingernails a dark brown and I have not bitten them since. Three weeks and counting.

8. I had a Diet Coke on my trip. It was terribly sweet. I didn't like it. Be careful what you wish for...or thankful. 

9. My favorite Christmas movies are:
The Muppet Christmas Carol
Little Women
Christmas Vacation

10. I hate to wrap so I am going to bribe Maggie to help do it.
Yes, Maggie you will... because you love me.

11. My sister Linda wraps better than Martha Stewart. Let's all be mad at her.

12. My fat jeans are too big. My less fat jeans are too big once I sit in them. My least fat jeans fit. My goal is jeans that aren't fat at all.

13. Two words... Michael Buble.
Two more ... Heck yeah.
Two more... Beiber fever.
Final two ...Whoda thunk?

14. I suspect there is a dead mouse in the stairway wall. I call it Christmas in the air.

15. My Christmas decor on the cabinet under the TV is messing with the remote's reception. The satellite works but to control the television's volume, you have to hold the remote above your head. This annoys Stuart but I can't care.

16. I am pumped about the new Sherlock Holmes movie. And the Chipmunk one too.

17. My name is Janie and I am a Tori Spelling fan. 

18. I may not send Christmas cards. If that makes me Grinchy, I can't care. 

19. I smelled a funk and I asked Aubrie, "did you toot?" She said  "yeah, I tooted real slow." Sheesh...I blame Grandma RuRu.

20. I am still being tempted by the stupid Pajama Jeans because they are now at Walmart. Help me.

314. granddaughters who make me laugh.
315. my car's heated seats
316. Christmas music on my Ipod, and on XM radio
317. a voicemail from someone who loves me.


  1. tori spelling and i share the same exact birthday. i think that's weird. go for the jean pajamas. it's okay to be comfortable. i totally relate to the list thing. if i lose my list i'm completely lost. i DO NOT have the brain compacity to remember much more than my name! love your spunk girlie.

  2. I think I have a dead mouse in my stairwell wall, too. I think we may quite possible be the same person (cause you are crazy in a good way). You may, however, need to learn to embrace eggnog.

    Still rocking my fat jeans. Sigh. It may have something to do with the eggnog.

  3. Ah! The quotable Aubrie!

    I started THIS morning (30 minutes walking) on the "fat jean" situation. Congratulations on your progress, Janie! That's fantastic.

  4. I love these lists, and you know I always have to comment list style...
    #2 jealous! How cute is that?
    #3 I am silk nogging it this year. Think the soy might help with the flashes.
    #11 okay. Boo Linda!
    #12 Yay!
    #18 not Grinchy...between blogs + FB, seems redundant.
    #19 Oh. My. Gosh. i love that kid!
    #20 let's wear those at our first meet up, instead of bibs, mmkay?

  5. Betcha five bucks the dead-mouse smell is a sippy of milk that one of the grands misplaced. Ask me how I know.

  6. Christmas movies..I totally agree with your list and I would add "A Christmas Story" as well.

    I bought the Michael Buble Christmas CD for my mom for her birthday...she loves it. (and he's Canadian don't cha know.

    I have dealt with the decaying mouse thing before...not pretty.

  7. Oh, I miss television-especially at Christmas. I love the Hallmark Christmas movies too.

  8. #2 - I can solemnly attest she has impeccable taste. I can also solemnly attest you are definitely crazy and definitely in a good way. Also, as funny as you are on your blog, your even more fun in person. muah.
    #11 - Linda is a girl after my own heart.
    #12 - heck ya!
    #13 - I apologize to Michael for ever finding him dorky. He is awesome, and I adore him singing...I adore him even more speaking. Homeboy is funny. We should never say never b/c I've learned the same lesson about little Mr. Bieber. fan flipping tastic!
    P.s. last night was a ball, I either have pink eye or tired eye you be the judge, and I have confiscated the superman undies. Best.unnerwear.EVER. we must get you a pair for your sleep undies collection

  9. You're out of your fat jeans!!!. . . don't worry about hearing noises or mice in the walls, or lists, just keep tellin yourself, you're out of your fat jeans! Way to go Janie!

    Laughed out loud at losing the list. . .sorry Janie but it was funny Ü

    Also moving things around with decorating, I placed a wooden sign 3 x 24 (from love that place)it reads;

    "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding" proverbs. ..

    . . .it fit so perfectly right under the t.v screen. . . I just love it there, the hubster informed me "Ya know we have to turn the t.v, off without the remote, now" ya just gotta smile.

  10. Love the Hallmark Christmas extravaganza too... and ABC Family and Lifetime... I flip around until i find a sappy Christmas movie to crochet in front of !

    I am tempted by those PJ jeans too.... but, I tell myself at barely 5 ft tall, they'll be too long for me. My fatest jeans are now too big as well, thanks to gluten free hell.. um, lifestyle : P

    hugs !

  11. Sounds like normal, routine, family Christmas events, except for maybe the day-ed mouse. Ewwww! Forget about eggnog and have a margarita, then you won't even care about the long-gone mouse! Just sayin. . .

  12. 1. Been there
    2. Yes, you are.
    3. Me neither. I can't even. I should though. Our girls have started laying eggs like ther is no tomorrow. Even got a double yolker.
    6. I have a little Christmas binder from hallmark. It is my life this time of year!
    20. Just walk away from the PJ jeans. Don't do it. You won't be able to respect yourself in the morning.

  13. The Muppet Christmas Carol? Is fabulous. And I'm seriously tempted by the pajama jeans - I mean, you'll always have a conversation starter! So... did you notice my pajama jeans?

  14. Newer Little Women or old one with Liz Taylor? One of my favs too, the old one. It's a Wonderful Life is my predictable favorite. We had a dead squirrel (I tell myself it wasn't a rat) in our wall once. One word: flies. Ugh. Ann

  15. Oh my goodness you are such a hoot - I love it. I'm crazy in a good way too. I've never had eggnog. I am not sending cards out this year either. Are you giving up sugar to lose weight? Good luck! sandie♥

  16. Hilarious ! Pajama Jeans are at Wal Mart?? Uh-oh. Now I'll have to control myself especially since all of my jeans are tight :).


  17. Janie, You are one crazy lady. We once had a squirrel in the wall and I was terrified that it was going to gnaw through and bite me while I slept. It made the biggest noise. Yeah, it was alive, not dead.
    xo, Cheryl

  18. I love your list. So much.

    But the "I tooted slooooow" was the best. Or worst.

    Depending on where you're sitting ;-)


  19. Hi Janie Fox..... I like your list and thank God you are back from rambling around the South west like a vegabond
    Guess what?...I love Tori Spelling, and Hallmark Channal, as well. I wish Tori would invite me to visit her...I would like to be her assistant. I could do it. I love how she sleeps with chickens and goats...Who knew?
    I havent bitten my nails either for like a month....I have decided thatI like pale pink/white nail polish ....I love the nail pictures on Pinterest.....It is motivation for biters

  20. Ok, those pajama jeans are killing me . . . Janie you are too funny girl!

  21. Janie, step back from the pajama jeans!!

    We have been watching the Waltons on DVD--LOVE it! I wish there were more show like that!

  22. congrats on winning over at farmgirl paints!!!

  23. Stick with regular coke. Diet drinks are way worse for you. My mom didn't send Christmas cards either. Your not the only one.


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