Friday, January 13, 2012

blog music

Music or not?
Many blogs have playlists.
I have questioned the idea.
I love music.
The truth is most of the time
when a blog has music
I turn it to mute.
I guess I am enough ADD
that I cannot handle it.
Surprising, no?
I used to say I was a great multi-tasker.
Now I think it is more of the 
I cannot stay focused on just one task.
I start something only to leave it
and start another job.
I go back and forth until I am done but
I am a flip-flopper most of the time.
I call myself a magpie
because I am distracted by shiny.
(And yes the whole gab thingie too.)
Glitter, oh boy, I am making a beeline.
I have a sun catcher in the window above my desk.
Let's just say many times, 
I stop and marvel at the light
only to lose focus on what I was doing.
I have started a playlist many times.
Then I consider just having one song 
that would change with each post.
And then I go in the other room and vacuum.
And then I make a call.
Throw in some laundry, and realize
oh yeah I was looking at songs.
Get the picture?
So as to the few of you that asked why no music?
This is why.
I just


  1. I myself love having music on my blog. It makes me happy. I figure if people don't want to listen to it, they can like you said just mute it. I say do what makes you happy:)


  2. I used to have a playlist but removed it because I muted the music when I visited my own blog. I figured that wasn't a good sign. Plue-besides, just like you, I mute everyone else's music. I hate it when I visit someone's blog in the middle of the night and get startled nearly out of my skin by their music.

  3. I'm not a fan of music on blogs....usually there is a bit of a delayed reaction and when you first click on the blog you hear nothing...then as you are reading away halfway down the page suddenly you hear music...which scares the daylights out of me...not a fan, silence is golden don't you know.

  4. Not a fan of music on a blog. I can't read, listen to music and focus at the same time anymore. Also, mostly I am in the family room with others watching tv or whatever at the same time I'm on the computer.

    Geez....I feel guilty giving my opinion. Add music and I'll still read. :) I'll just mute it. Ha ha. You asked!

  5. I dumped the play list years ago... and it took me a while to get RJ to do the same (had to let it be HER idea), lol... but seriously... people don't realize that just because YOUR volume is at a norm... doesn't mean your READERS volume isn't cranked to the top... and when you blast your fave tunes... you might lose a reader. I do like the music on Kelly Hampton's blog... and on Ann Voskamp's... but they are soothing and don't give me a heart attack. I'm nearly 37 and don't need a heart condition!

  6. After reading your comments I think I know why I don't have many!

  7. Thank you for no music- I am often catching up on yours and Jayme's blogs on my lunch at work and the music is a dead giveaway that I am NOT still working :)

  8. I don't do music...and I agree with Denise it scares the daylights out of me when it comes on after being on a blog for a bit. I usually have my computer on mute is kind of noise to me now...i know...getting old!..xoxo

  9. I don't do music. I cant read and listen. And I usually read during nap time.

  10. amen! I've found myself not reading some blogs due to all the extra stuff on there. plain and simple is preferred for this 53 yr old lady. i too get side-tracked during the day with projects and life.
    if you do go with music, i shall still read, but the mute button will be at the ready.
    hope the rest of your week has had less tears and more laughter, mine has.

  11. I don't like the music, it's too distracting.

  12. I'm with you on no music. Not all of us have the same taste, and I personally find music on blogs a little irritating. Just sayin'.

  13. Oh one likes music...eeeek! I don't like it on other blogs, but I love it on my own. Go figure;)

  14. I can relate . . . I did have music on my blog and really enjoyed it for a while before I got tired of hearing the same songs. You definitely have to keep changing up the music.

  15. I don't have music on my blog because sometimes I put on You Tubes and then it plays both and that is way too much! HAHA sandie

  16. I'm with you, don't like music on blogs, it is too much of a distraction. I had it on mine for a short while but it bothered me so much I finally deleted it. Guess it's different strokes for different folks. That's what makes the world go around! Happy weekend!

  17. I don't like music on blogs either. I want to really digest and savour what I am reading and a sudden blast of music is annoying and takes away from the reading enjoyment. I do continue to read but mute the music. I then forget to unmute it when I leave blogland.....

  18. nope..not on my blog
    but I will say I sometimes will listen
    to Ann Voscamp's music while I'm writing..weird like that;)
    happy weekend

  19. I am one of those who don't like playlist Janie, they are distracting.....:-)Hugs

  20. I am not a fan of music on blogs. Many times when I'm reading blogs, I'm listening to my own playlist. I don't want to hunt down a player on the blog to turn the music off. Becca :-)

  21. I recently came across your site and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading.


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