Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What I Know For Sure- 18th Edition

1. I bought Tori Spelling's book Uncharted Territori  at Big Lots for $3. After reading it I feel compelled to pray for her. She has a lot of wackado beliefs concerning psychics and voodoo healing.

2. I have a new catch phrase..."I vow and declare". I am not sure where I heard it but I am adopting it.

3. I am not the smartest, strongest, or the most beautiful but God can use me in a powerful way. My abilities are only maximized when they are used for that purpose.

4. I am fairly certain my cake eating ability isn't anything God is trying to maximize. Shoot.

5. Middle age spread and a pimple are not supposed to be compadres.

6. Starting a cup of coffee in the Keurig and then  going into the next room for a quick task is not a good idea when you place the cup upside down.

7. Stuart and I received an anniversary card with a sentiment I don't want to forget. It said "Two old farts are better than one."

8. I fell off the no sugar wagon when we went to AZ on vacation. At Christmas, the wagon ran over me. I have been on and off that wagon many times since. I now vow and declare to stay on the wagon.

9. When I wash my hands I always sing Happy Birthday to myself. That is supposedly an adequate length of time to ensure they are clean.  Calm down...I sing it in my head.

10. I can't abide my inbox to be full. It haunts me.

11. If I don't answer your e-mail it is because you come in with a no-reply blogger address.

12. My phone auto corrects my signature xoxo to socks every time. TTUL socks... Nice.

13. I was with my mom and dad yesterday and when my sister Linda went later in the day Dad asked if Janie had gone home! He knew me and that is an answered prayer. Now, I am crying happy tears. 

14. I like to make a list for the store, then go to the store and leave the list on the counter at home. I am wearing a Dora band aid because it is all we have. Band aids are on my list.

15. I no longer miss Diet Coke. I vow and declare I will never pick up that habit again.

16. I got a sign for Christmas with 1 Corinthians on it...you know the Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy...etc. I love it and I read it every day. I try to live it. I do pretty good until my love is having chocolate. Then all bets are off.

17. A hormone derived from visceral fat, called adiponectin, may play a role as a risk factor for development of all-cause dementia and Alzheimer's disease in women, according to a new study. Craptastic. Have you seen my visceral?

18. I really try to live one day at a time and leave the future up to God. It is all in his control. Trust and obey.

19. I bought the pajama jeans. They feel like yoga pants. They get baggy in the butt. I am cool with that.

20. After my "notebook" meltdown a blog reader sent me a quote that she saw on pinterest... "Noah wrote Allie 365 letters and you can't answer one text?"  haha  crack. me. up. You guys are the best!


  1. I've started using the term "bomb-diggety" because I want to be more like Flower Patch Farmgirl. Now I think I'll adopt "Vow and declare" as well. I like to think I'm becoming an amalgam of the best parts of all the people I know. Or at least the funniest parts. :)

  2. I do always enjoy your lists.
    Now....about Tori, who we both have admitted to liking......She is a little whackadoo, for sure.
    I think she just has the Hollywood Lala fog..."Life is but a party" No substance. She still has a cute reality show though.
    I have been saying that i am going to go fill out the proper paper work to join the gym, but cant seem to get enough dedication to do it.
    BTW My husband and I quit diet coke about 2 years ago, and now if we drink it ....it makes us literally nauseated and sickly

  3. What I know for sure is that you are wonderful! I am so happy for your #13!

  4. I vow and declare that I think I'm pretty sure I love you!

  5. 1. I will pray for her too.
    10. Same here!
    11. Same here!
    13. Yay!
    15. yay!
    20. Ha!

  6. Love this. You know SO very much! I will not watch The Notebook. I read it...

  7. I prayed for Patrick Swayze when he was dying from the cancer. Bless it.

    I didn't know he knew Jesus, or if anyone around him did either. I felt compelled that SOMEONE must pray for him. And since I had spent the better part of my growing up fantastizing about our grown-up life together, I decided it should be me.

    He made a lot of money off of all the Dirty Dancing. In the end, it got him a prayer partner, and he never even knew it.

    I am still laughing about the upside down coffee cup. My week feels like that!

  8. This list is great. I'm all over #9...in fact if the "puke flu" is going around...I sing Happy Birthday twice!

  9. Well now. You just sucked all the joy out of my afternoon diet Coke.
    Thank you.

  10. Great list, so happy to read number 13, love that one..........:-)Hugs

  11. Think of the joy you could spread (not germs, joy!) if you started singing happy birthday out loud!
    xo, Cheryl

  12. Sugar and cake are my best friends.
    What cha got against them?
    Glad you got to spend some time with your Mom and Dad yesterday.

  13. omg..you make me LAUGH!
    and that is good
    i am having middle aged spread AND
    i have a pimple
    we have something in common!

  14. I love these. Get back on that wagon...oh and I think you should write a book...or a column or something.

  15. two old farts are better thank one!
    Chortle chortle giggle hahahhahahaha.
    How you kill me.

  16. I don't know about the two old farts. Since we are them sometimes I think it's just more stink. I pray for celebrities too. I still pray for Sting, and I prayed for Patrick and poor Farah. We can only hope.

    Sing it your right.
    Pimples are just WRONG at any age.
    love this list.

  17. 1. I can't help but watch a train wreck.
    2. I am so going to try that. I need a new phrase to keep me focused since nothing else seems to work.
    7. That is just hilarious!
    8. I have been running after that wagon trying to jump back on for a while.
    9. it is the ABC's for me(in my head too)
    13. prayer is powerful and so is the human spirit.
    14. me too, all the time!
    18. I need to work on that.
    19. I won't judge you.

  18. #5: What. Is. Up. With. That? It's very cruel to have pimples AND gray hair. Something's just not right about that!

  19. You crack me up! We need to get together soon!!!!

  20. I make a list and leave it at home - or somewhere - anywhere but with me.

    I love your writing!


  21. so happy your daddy knew and remembered you had visited. yeah!! thanks for the prayers and support. am also doing the same for you. this is a hard journey we travel....

  22. I don't know where you heard "I swear and declare" but I'm reasonably certain it wasn't from Tori Spelling.


  23. Okay, "I vow and declare"? I'm totally on board.

  24. Thank you for commenting on my blog, that was very sweet of you!! I really enjoy your "things I know for sure". take care.

  25. Hi Janie, I was a little nervous to write the quote to you about Noah writing Allie 365 letters...your post that day was so serious and heart wrenching, but I see so much of myself in your posts (I just cant express it in writing like you do) that I decided to take the chance and hope to make you smile. Im glad it worked.
    I teach Kindergarten, so at home the ABC's are okay to sing while washing my hands, but at school, with all those little cootie bugs, I wanna sing all the stanza's of "Just As I Am" or something...I just want to bathe in hand sanitizer on the hour.
    I am addicted to Mountain Dew, I cannot see myself ever not missing it. If it was alcohol, I'd be needing a 12 step program. I give you kudos for even attempting to quit your vice. I was going to "cut down" to 2 cans a day. Fail....
    So happy I found your blog, I've laughed out loud, cried when reading about your twins, and look forward to you every day. So this is my latest quote I want to put as my FB status, but there are those who would probably take me seriously...I'll share it with you. "We can't all be princesses...someone has to clap when I go by!"
    Have a blessed day.


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