Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ruby does Mexico

I dearly love my son-in-law Jade.
Man pretty, huh?
I also adore his mom.
Most of you know Ruby from our escapades.
She even has a place in my archives.
She shares a birthday with her sweet son.
A few days after her birthday
I invited her to "Mexico" for a birthday fiesta.
I invited our Little Theater pals
to be in place to surprise her
with their gag gifts in tow.
I picked her up and she had forgotten our date.
I know, seriously.
 FYI #1, memory loss is a sign of old age.
We arrived and she thought 
it was a coincidence they were there.
FYI #2, confusion is a sign of old age.
We got the party started with an ornery waiter on hand.
He brought out the menus and the head gear.
 We opened the gag gifts.
The first two she liked.
Really liked.
See FYI #2.
FYI #3 if you buy an old lady purse
as a gag gift,
consider the recipient's age.
She may fit the criteria of old making it no longer a gag.
The waiter brought out the beverages.
Some of us got ice water.
Some of us got the house margaritas
served in punch bowls.

I personally do not care for a vat of heartburn.
We used the hat and played 
"Who Wore It Better?"

To say we were loud is an understatement.
But, it was a party.
FYI #4, the elderly are hard of hearing.
 The waiter brought out a 
complimentary shot of tequila.

Ruby, being the brave one
instantly neti potted it.
Yup, right down the hatch and
out through her nose.
It was awesome.
 We had lots of laughs.
But all good things come to an end.
The birthday girl donned her gag gift scarf

grabbed her beloved gag gift purse
and I took the old gal home.
It was nearing 8 pm.
 FYI #5 the elderly need their rest.


  1. First of all I think it's awesome that you friends with his mom. I can't imagine that scenario. Looks like so much fun. That right there is what I'm huntin' for...keep prayin';)

  2. oh my gosh..this looks like fun! you had me laughing this early?
    and man pretty? a new word..and yes he is:)
    so is that baby! pretty not man..anyhow
    have a beautiful Saturday

  3. I can personally vouch for FYIs #1-#5.

    By the way, who won "Who Wore the Hat Better" contest?

  4. That was funny! "Old" people crack me up!

  5. Sounds like such a good time! And, yes, your SIL: definitely man-pretty and definite eye candy!

  6. Haha... that was a fun read!

  7. crazy coots! I can't wait till I'm that old!

  8. Dang it. I knew we should have stayed a little longer the other night. We could have joined the party.

  9. Did you have a permit to have that much fun?
    Just askin'.

  10. Family equals love, how sweet, love that last pic!

  11. So fun!

    My brother's (and my) mom has the same name as my brother's wife's mom. But it gets weirder. My brother's wife's maternal and paternal grandmas share a name (a different name from the moms). brother and SIL say they'll receive it as a sign if one of their sons marries a girl whose mother's name is Sarah, which is my SIL's name.

    Random weirdness.

    I love my SIL's parents. They have been like family to us for about 2 decades.

  12. She is fun! It seems like whoever you are with is a blast!

    I can not even imagine what tequila out the nose is like...must burn like heck!

  13. What a fun time. Your SIL is adorable and that baby is just as cute as a button.

  14. You guys are a barrel of laughs with a side of salt. I wish i had been there too!

  15. Janie- you crack me up!!! I think it would be a blast to hang out with you ladies!!

  16. Too darn funny, for sure. Looks like a great time for all. Laughter is good for all of us. Thanks for sharing...

  17. You really know how to help a girl have a Happy Birthday, looks like so much fun....:-)Hugs

  18. Please invite me next time. I wanna wear the hat and take the shot! Ann

  19. OMG.......I seriously LOL when I read the part out her nose!!! HA!

    Looks like LOTS of fun :)

  20. I live in IN. My son lives in North Carolina. His girlfriend's mother and I email back and forth-the best emails and we've never even met! Bonus! You, too!
    xo, Cheryl

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