Saturday, January 14, 2012

You are Loved

My favorite children's book is Nancy Tillman's
Wherever You Are, My Love Will Find You.
I think you can guess why.

I wanted you more than you ever will know,
so I sent love to follow you wherever you go.
It's as high as you wish it. It's quick as an elf.
You'll never outgrow stretches itself!

   So climb any mountain...
climb up to the sky!
My love will find you.
My love can fly!
 Make a big splash! Go out on a limb!
My love will find you. My love can swim!
 It never gets lost, never fades, never ends...
if you're working...
or playing...
or sitting with friends.
 You can dance 'til you're dizzy...
paint 'til you're blue...
There's no place, not one,
that my love can't find you.
  And if someday you're lonely,
or someday you're sad,
or you strike out at baseball,
or think you've been bad...
 just lift up your face,
feel the wind in your hair,
That's me, my sweet baby, my love is right there.
 In the green of the grass...
in the smell of the sea...
in the clouds floating by...
at the top of the tree...
in the sound crickets make at the end of the day...
"You are loved. You are loved. You are loved.," they all say.
 My love is so high, 
and so wide and so deep,
it's always right there,
even when you're asleep.
  So hold your head high
and don't be afraid
to march to the front 
of your own parade.
 If you're still my small babe
or you're all the way grown,
my promise to you 
is you're never alone.
 You are my angel, my darling,
my star...
and my love will find you,
wherever you are.


  1. beautiful! We are loving "On the Night That You Were Born" :)

  2. shut UP with that picture of Ev in front of the tree...oh, they're all just scrumptious. But I do have a soft spot for that boy's ornery.

  3. Precious!
    Oh what sweet children they are!
    What a treat this post was!

    Deborah xo

  4. Wow, Cousin...I'm wiping tears...thinking of all children this applies to. :) Awesome post!



  5. Tears in my eyes, Janie. This is so beautiful. I just bought my grand baby Nancy Tillman's goodnight book with all of the animals. It is so lovely.
    Love the pics of all of your babies. You are blessed! xo, Cheryl

  6. Now I am really missing my grandchildren.
    6 months away really does tear me up. We also have no babies anymore, my youngest is 9.
    Yours are adorable!

  7. gonna go right now and buy this book for my grandbabies..
    and one for ME!
    dare I not be afraid to march to the front of my
    own parade
    so made me cry
    happy Sunday

  8. What a beautiful post Janie!
    I must get this book.
    Because my brain is beginning to have a hard time finding them. Good to know I can count on love!

  9. You just made me cry....just beautiful.

  10. Beautiful pictures. You are a blessed Grammy. Love that last picture.

  11. look at you girl. those pics were beautiful...each and every one!

  12. Pass the Kleenex!
    And my love WILL find that book!
    I'll dance 'til I'm dizzy...
    paint 'til I'm blue...
    I'll look EVERYwhere
    ...Till I find it...that's true!

  13. Oh, *sniff* that was precious. *Sniff, sniff.*

  14. I love this book! We are having our first grandchild in 6 weeks and Granny needs this at her house!
    I just went to Amazon and ordered 2 of Nancy Tillman's books!Loved your post with your sweet littles!
    Lynda Bee

  15. Just Beautiful! I will be out searching for that book very soon.

  16. A beautiful post that brought tears to my eyes! I have to find this book!!!

  17. That was wonderful and you have made me cry - such beautiful words and your grandchildren are so beautiful too. sandie

  18. look at those precious kids. this made my heart so happy. and gorgeous clear pictures, too. i love everything about this.

  19. This post made me excited to be a Grammy....but not too soon! They are all BEYOND PRECIOUS!!!!

  20. Girl you are showin off some delicious little grandbabies. Love is grand. I don't know how i missed this book because this is the first I have heard it! We are round two of small fry's the first batch of 6 are grown or nearly grown and now there are 4 little ones BUT they are all in California and I don't get to love on them. Huge bummer. I think WE should be trailer rats and camp in the park so we can. Well at least that's a fleeting thought at the moment.
    i have to go buy that book now, 2 copies and send to the babies. Have you ever read "In the Rain with Baby Duck"?
    We loved that one. It's fun. I love kids books. Don't even get me started because I have a whole host of them that I can recite! I have a big soft spot in my heart for Down's babies/children your little one is adorable so sweet.
    Wonder where all those big dark brown eyes came from?

  21. Oh my gosh, new to your blog and this made me happy and sad at the same time. Thanks for sharing this!


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