Saturday, January 14, 2012

one more thing

 Okay we are  in agreement over the whole music thing.
Now one more question...
what's with the word verification?
I despise it.
I type it wrong and get another series of letters
and/or I forget to do it in my haste and
then realize  my comment didn't post.
What's it's purpose?
I opted out of it
and wonder why everyone doesn't.
The only time I enjoy it
is when I get a funny word like fartem.
(I know I am a Jr.High boy at times.)
Or I get a word that really flows with the blog's content.
But, that happens rarely.
So what's up with the verification?


  1. I'm so in the dark about many "blog things". I have no idea how you even get the word verification thing on your blog. Or how you make it so you get to review comments before they are posted. Seriously it is a small miracle that I can even operate my blog.

    Sometimes I find the word verification words hard to figure out...why do they make the letters so stretchy-looking? So many questions...

  2. I hate it. I guess the point is so you don't get spammed through auto-comments shady companies leave. I don't have it, and in 2 years I think I have only been spammed 3 or 4 times. Really not a big enough deal to put my readers through all the hassle. Twice they left a comment to a porn link, and couple of times it was a comment how American women are evil. Whatev.

    Have a great weekend! And I am soooo jealous Annie is in Disney right now! I love it, too!


  3. It's to protect us from the evils of the world ha. ha!! I actually review my comments first because I was getting lots of spam and it was just easier to review comments first (not that I get many comments ...). I know many people who read my blog but don't have a clue how to comment....

  4. I just read one of those "how to get more people to read and comment on your blog" articles, and it said, "Kill! Kill! Kill! the word verification feature." Or something to that effect.

  5. I read the same thing as Nancy. I hate word verification.

  6. I am kind of...on the fence about the word verification, but sometimes I do laugh when I see what the "word" I have to type is!



  7. I don't require the word verification. Doesn't seem to be needed. If I get spam it goes into a spam folder and never gets published. If spam became a problem maybe I'd consider. As far as the music... NO!! Don't like it and find it annoying in the extreme! But I have trouble reading (comprehending) and listening to music at the same time!! :-(

  8. My geek told me that it keeps computer generated spam comments from getting to your computer. It recognizes it as human...
    hmmmmmmmm humans are any different. hehe

  9. loloolloloololololololollolol
    I know sometimes the words are just hilarious!
    Deborah xoxo

  10. I absolutely HATE (gee, I'm feeling passionate today) word verification. I wish everyone would take it off their Blog. It's not like we're posting classified military information. I don't know why people feel the need. I've never had any spam problems that Blogger didn't catch before hand.

  11. There are many times when I have no idea what the Captcha symbols are...they fade in and out...really irritating.

  12. I love the word verification Janie, it prevents people from leaving porn comments or advertising on my blog, I get to proofread them first. I didn't use it in the beginning as so many people don't like it but after a couple of crude comments I decided to use the verification for security. I am glad that you haven't been hit with those horrible comments, so ugly.......:-)Hugs

  13. I agree that word verification is annoying, but if it doesn't usually stop me from commenting. I havehad difficulty with some blogs though where you have to enter which account such as Google you are using. Afew times I have written quite long thoughtful comments, only to come unstuck at this point.
    I dislike the background music intensely. Especially in the late evening when all is quiet and all of a sudden vioins or whatever unexpectedly burst forth, making me jump six feet in the air. The words and pictures are enough.

    Kathy from Tasmania

  14. I hate word verification. It's why I moderate comments. Hate may be a strong word, but I am cranky today.

  15. I AGREE WITH YOU 100% - you can leave comments faster and blogger takes out the spam.

    This new comment thing is not my favorite either because they send you to the bottom of the post and you have to move up!

    Love, sandie


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