Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bag Facts

I have an addiction to accessories.
Jewelery, shoes, and purses.
If you have ever shopped
in a "chubby" state of mind...
you will understand this.
They always fit.
Plus the fact is they are fantastic.
Coco Chanel said
" A girl should be two things:
classy and fabulous."
She was also quoted saying
"before you leave the house, 
look in the mirror and take one thing off."
To which I say "Bull Hockey."
I concur in the respect that
I do not want to look like a gypsy
but I like my blings.
No, I love my blings.
 However, my purses 
are probably my worst obsession.
They are usually big and shiny.
At present it is big and furry.

 I change my bag frequently
because admittedly, I am a  purse tramp.
I am fickle and quick to desert one
for the next awesome purse
that comes my way. 
I have learned I need a big bag.
I have to carry everything I think
I might need or want.
Or you may need or want.
I am a giver like that.
This leads me to the contents my purse.
First an organizer filled clean up.
I like my bag neat and tidy.
Next, a small makeup case.
The makeup rarely gets used,
but you never know when you may need
a touch up.
This works well since usually
I  never know
I needed a touch up until
I arrive home 
and realize I ignored the necessity
 and have walked around
in the state of hideous for hours.
A magnifying mirror, a Tide pen,
concealer, mascara, blush, moisturizer
and powder.
Various tubes of gloss, lipsticks and lipstains...
Mentos gum, a gel pen, a nail file, a comb,
and the sunglasses I am addicted to.
Tylenol, hand sanitizer, hand lotions,
and eye drops are also in tow.
My brag book filled with pictures
of all my loves...

A small notebook and a travel bible...
and a glorious glitter wallet.
  In addition,
I always have 
an old school handkerchief in tow.
Seems like I constantly have a teary moment
and I cannot abide a tissue.
They make me sneezy/snooty.
So that's the gist of it. 
It may be excessive
but it's  how I roll.
So what do you have over your shoulder?
Please don't tell me you 
don't carry a purse
or worse yet
you only carry a fanny pack.
 I may faint straight away.


  1. My name is Joy, and I am a purse-a-holic.

    Hello Joy.

    In my purse: checkbook, pocket calender, pacifier, baby wipes, wallet, tweezers, lipstick, chapstick, tissue pack, keys, sunglasses, notepad, 9 ink pens, 2 Wendy's coupon books, girl stuff (ha ha!), and that's all I can think of off the top of my head..... but I am sure there's more.

  2. Oh, Jamie, we're "two peas in a pod." I absolutely love purses and we carry much the same items. My friends call me a girl scout because no matter what the crisis, I have a remedy for it in my purse and of course, all neatly organized. :o)

    I never thought I'd carry a Vera Bradly purse but that is what I'm currently carrying. I love it! It has pockets in all the right places and I get a compliment every time I'm out.

    Have a great "bag carrying" week!

  3. I am a sucker for purses too! There are so many I want to bring home with me but the longer strap the better so I can wear it as a crossover. I LOVE being hands free but it also has to be functional!

  4. I definitely need time to digest this post. I'm in a twit right now 'cause I'm trying to pack for 4 days w/o checking any luggage. For now, your purse contents will serve as a packing guide for me. When I get back, I'll refer to this post. I need a little purse therapy, and that's the truth. Mine is a mess. And I'm still looking for the "perfect" purse.

  5. At least your organized...geesh girlie! I've been carrying jeanne's bag. It's like a bottomless pit.

  6. I carry a small, cross body bag. Because I have neck issues. I really want some old fashioned hankies.

  7. That fur purse is fabulous! I don't have quite as much in my purse as you do (but I would love to travel around with someone who carried all that good stuff). I always have Burt's Bees lip balm, tylenol and hand sanitizer...oh and Rolaids.

  8. I have seasonal purses, including a Christmas one that has jingle bells on it. Not til today did I know that I was a purse tramp, so thank you for that. :) The Swede doesn't understand the need for a big purse. He carries everything in his wallet which is paper-thin. All I know is, if I don't have immediate access to chapstick and a nail file at all times, things can get pretty ugly.

    I gotta get me one of those organizer things.

  9. Just carry the usual junk, but not quiiiite as much as you do! I am different in that I find a purse I love and stick with it for a long time. Just wore out a Trophy Queen purse that I loved dearly. (Google 'em, you'll love it since you have a glitter wallet!) I'm saving up for another one. Picking a color is the hardest part!

  10. ack!!! though i think your furry purse is big bags for me. something small and compact. my thinking is i carried diaper bags for 3 kids...not going back to that. however my daughters and sister carry bigger ones too.
    i must have lip gloss, glasses, tissues not hankies..(i wanna throw that stuff away.)and a calendar.
    although for the past month as i traveled back and forth to see my mom, i carried an additional had her health journal, my tablet, lotion, snacks, water, etc. so.....i was back to 'diaper bagging'..kind of.

    oh well..i like you and love reading your ramblings.

  11. I wish I could down-size, but like you, I NEED a good-sized bag.
    My favorite, at the moment, is a ruffley looking crushed black patent purse.
    It shines and it glistens; it's a happy purse. Love it!!

    BTW, come visit me today, I'm talking about earrings.

  12. I feel like an outcast.

    I despise handbags. They're like pixie stones: Placed here by the devil to confound (wo)man.

    My fantasy is functional pockets that don't add bulges. Because I have enough bulges of my own, thank you very much.

    Then i can walk with both hands free, and not be swinging a weight from one shoulder, or the other.

    I'd like to be a purse tramp, but it just isn't in me. Your fur and glittery bag is adorable! Honest! I just don't want to have to carry one around myself.

    So instead I rail about dark linings (really? Why not make linings nice and light so I can find my stuff?) and all the stuff I'm expected to have on hand.

    1. amen! i won't buy it if i can't see inside.

  13. Hmm, how can I adore you and yet not share your all passions? Oh yeah, kinda like my Farmer I guess! ;-x I am not into accessories (which I had to look above to check spelling). Not a fan of purses. Did not use a diaper bag. Do not wear cute shoes. Or like glitter. However... !!! I do have ?knockoff? pink Kate Spade purse that lives in the car. It DOES have some cheap glitter lip gloss. And mascara (cheap brown n waterproof) and bottled water. And a who knows how old gluten free granola bar for "emergencies" tho I'm rarely desperate enough to eat that sawdust. I wear the same tiny diamond cross 24/7 that The Farmer gave me before Sarah's birth. If dressing up I add real pearl n diamond earrings he gave at Jack's birth, but mostly wear faux. Never dangly or blingy. Used to live in a pearl choker and tank watch. I'm w/Chanel. But then I stop in the barn every.single.night. on my way in from a night out. Or on my way out when I need to chat w/a client. Or at 3 am when some pony escaped. My winter wardrobe is the black coat n bright scarf you always see me in w/Ariat boots. Every.Day. Still wanna be my friend? You can carry my old hankie if it makes you happy!

  14. Definitely over the shoulder kind of gal. I tend to always wear a black or navy bag . . . bad habit. Contents of my bag is my makeup bag, pocket bible (never know when the end of the world is coming, want to have it on me) wallet with little money, I always use my ATM card for everything, small measuring tape, coupon holder and blackberry.

  15. I am a frump! I stick with the same bag until it falls apart and carry my life around in it. What is my life? Burt's Bees for sure, asthma inhalers, money, or lack of money depending on where I've been and what I've seen. Most recently my Kindle since I am addicted to it - it may replace my Burt's Bees addiction. I like a big bag because I can sneak my own water bottle into movies and not get caught. I'm not just a frump, but apparently a movie-rule-breaker too. Love your furry purse - for you - it's perfect. I've still got about a year left in my latest purse. Ann

  16. Oh, Janie, I have the purse addiction, too. Even worse, I go for the expensive ones!!! Can I be forgiven if I usually get them at the factory store, or at least the lowest price possible? I prefer the tote/shopper, over-the-shoulder style. I like to be able to just reach in and "feel" what I'm looking for rather than having to search.

  17. I think Im worse than a tramp...maybe a purse ho... :) I've tried "down sizing" ends up in the closet, still brand new. I have never. ever. worn a purse out. In fact, my closet would look like a Coach outlet if I didnt have most of them hidden. (He's caught on that they arent cheap, even if I say "had a coupon" or "it's from the outlet"...) I start out with the basics: wallet, calendar, phone, work id, a zillion pens (because Im a pen ho too...)then a small body spray, small hairspray,lotion, lipsticks (various, even though I always go back to the same one)compact, contact case, glasses if I can find them, Burts Bees, several flavors...(just the basics, remember) but by the end of the day I end up with a book, candy (my daughter says Im like a 4th grade boy with the candy) maybe a Tervis tumbler. (realizing I have a lot of addictions here!) You are not alone my friend. I cannot imagine not carrying a purse. Its like an appendage. I never go anywhere without it. anywhere. I'd probably carry it to the barn if I were a farmer! :)

  18. Recently I left my lovely thrifted Coach purse at a theatrical event I attended. My purse contained less than fifteen dollars, a Michael's 40% off coupon, a to-go menu from a restaurant in another state, and a Bob the Builder charm. The only thing I was concerned about was Bob. My husband bought me the purse so I could carry things like tissues and gum - for him. In theory, I like purses. But in practice? I could do without.

  19. Woman you are hilarious. What a great idea for a post. Um I do carry a purse it is not organized. It does have a bag of lipsticks which I do use because I can apply lipstick without a mirror, thank God. I don't have any other "necessities" except for kleenex, breath strips, a wallet and a lot of change in the bottom of my bag. I usually have a lot of coupons that I never use. Receipts end up in there too. My keys are always hopelessly where my fingers are not and I cannot see inside the bag without moving everything around like the agitator of an old washing machine, and that's how I roll. I love bling. I am a Premier jewelry lady and I have 7 trays of bling. Bling makes everything look and feel better.

  20. I knew I loved you!!!! I am a bag junkie myself:) I have so many of them and they have to be big!!! Who else is going to carry all my kids stuff?? lol Just last weekend, my purse had a pair of my son's pants in them!!! I do need an organizer though:(

  21. I love purses but don't like to carry them. Can't go in an antique shop with one, can't look at yard sale stuff holding onto one. Forget them in D.Q. booths when I leave. Once left one hanging onto the arm of a movie theater seat. Panic. Carry everything in my jean's pocket and leave the purse in the trunk of my car. Peg from Decatur

  22. My mom love to collect necklaces. She has over 50 different necklaces. Some of them are really beautiful.


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