Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A new day

I just have to tell you all
how great it is that
a girl can show her crazy
and have her posse rally.
I reckon the truth is we all have 
a little crazy in us.
We can be happy and blessed 
and still find a reason to cry.
And the reverse is true...
even when life is bad, it is good.
Your comments reaffirmed
just how great you readers are.
You pick a girl up,
dust her off, and 
set her right.
I felt the love.
I had a good day.
Two little girls in the house didn't hurt.
I am guessing chocolate milk 
and Beauty and the Beast on the tube
could cheer up even a hardened criminal.
So, I just wanted to say thanks.
You guys are the berries with chocolate milk,
and a side of Beauty and the Beast.


  1. hope tomorrow brings an even taller glass of chocolate milk. : )

  2. so glad you rallied! We are all in this together... we all share some of the same emotions and joys and sorrows.... mmmm.... and chocolate milk sounds so good !!

  3. Life is tough, but we are tougher. Especially with Belle and the Beast beside you. Chocolate milk cannot hurt.... Ann

  4. don't know how this happened but i've missed a few. i love you janie. love your heart and your vulnerability and that you are paving the way. we are all right there behind you friend.

  5. Happy days are ahead for you kiddo . . . blessings:O)

  6. I'm happy to hear that today is a better day for you! :)


Thanks for reading my blather. I read every comment. They make my heart happy!