Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I Know For Sure 19th Edition

1. I fear I may have started talking like a Debbie Downer on my blog. The truth is I am a open book. I am not sad 24/7 but when I am, I talk about it. I think I worry some of you. Calm down Nellies.

2. I took an online depression test today. I had only one of the ten symptoms...not sleeping well. This has been an issue for me since I was perimenopausal. So I guess I will start a melatonin regimen again. No sugar in my diet helps me too. I have a tough time with that one when I get stressed. Or watch TV. Or read. Or breathe.

3. I need a pedicure desperately. Picture Shrek.

4. I love that Caroline says "Dat not a good idea" or "dat's a great idea" all the time.

5. I think I may do a once weekly update on the folks. Is dat not a good idea? or is dat a great idea?

6. I need a crown... for my tooth, not my head. But after consideration, I'd prefer the latter. 

7. I cannot remember the rules for comma usage? I could google it but I can't, care, enough, to, do, that.

8. I am helping my good friend do a labor intensive  kitchen re-do. I have yet to take my camera.

9. I had Christmas with my best friend last night. I didn't take a camera. I detect a trend.

10. I did remember her Christmas gift so that's 10 extra points for me.

11. Dad started a new anxiety medicine that is supposed to help with his aggression. We are praying it works.

12. Stuart got a pair of XXL union suit style long underwear for Christmas. He doesn't wear them but I do. I could fit another person in with me. They are ginormous and uber comfy. Maggie saw me and asked if I was wearing "Forever Lazy". I had never heard of them but now I want them. Forever Lazy and Pajama Jeans...good thing I rock a cool purse.

13. I would love some face time with a pizza. Tomorrow night....whole wheat crust and healthy ingredients are on the menu.

14. I don't tweet on Twitter but have become a sheeple and now use hashtags on facebook. I like it. #hatersgonnahate

15. Although I am not an Oprah fan, I really enjoy her new network. I love Oprah's Master Class and the Oprah's Next Chapter interviews. Jane Fonda. Goldie Hawn. Morgan Freeman. Steven Tyler...he may look like an old lady but I loved his interview. #bestillmyheart

16. I love American Idol but don't watch until the auditions are over.

17. I prefer The Voice over Idol. I think I called it right her last year when I said "The Voice is American Idol's much prettier sister" or something to that effect.

18. I like Liz Lemon but I adore Leslie Knope.

19. I wore my shirt to my friend's house with the wrong side out.

20. Nothing makes me prouder than when one of my daughters witnesses to others about her love for Jesus.


  1. I love you Janie! You always make me giggle, at least a little! :) I, can't, care, about, the, commas, either. haha

  2. I think you're a cure for depression. I'm getting a pedicure tomorrow--don't hate me. Oh, and #7--I know, right?

  3. My favorite part about those pjs is the buttoned on butt. So when you've had too many figs to remove the whole outfit you can just undo the back hatch. Priceless.

  4. DAT was a good idea that we got together for Christmas last night! Love u Bestie!!

  5. You know, Dis was a good idea!

    I think commas are the devil. I love hashtags.

  6. I'm a twitter sheeple, too! Some of my best inspiration comes from the small group of people I "follow" there.

    Will put commas on my back burner until I figure out the space thing following end-of-sentence punctuation. Give me a month or so.

    Hoping with you that your father's new meds work...

    OK. Dat's all for now.

  7. I'm an open book too. Can't help it. Just be yourself...write for yourself. I'm doing the no sugar thing too...still. It's getting harder though totally pmsing now. I have no idea how to use punctuation....that's why I use so many of these..........;)

  8. Have you joined Leslie Knope's campaign on Facebook yet? #Knope2012. It's the only election I care about this year.

    I think not knowing where the commas go keeps me awake many a night. I have panic attacks about calling myself a writer when I really don't know where the commas are supposed to go. And don't even get me started on hyphens and em dashes.

    Your daughter is a beautiful young lady.

  9. These lists are easily the most entertaining part of my week.

    I used one of your favourite sayings this week (it caused my husband to laugh coffee out his nose). We were at Costco and he wanted to buy yet another giant bottle (stuffed olives this time...we don't have alcohol at Canadian Costcos) and I said "I can't abide another giant bottle of pickled anything in our small fridge". Keep up the good work Janie.

  10. Loved this Janie... thanks for sharing yourself... You made me laugh and made me tear up all in one post. Oh, boy could I relate... Hope your day is wonderful.

  11. I'm really confused. You are not here doing a kitchen redo - nor did I have Christmas with you last night? Discuss. Also - I need a pedicure too - so come on down. #lifeistooshortfortwitter - When I hear about 'casting down our crowns - I always imagine me opening my mouth and all my teeth falling on the floor. Do you know Aaron and I walk around all the time saying 'This is the next chapter people' in an Oprah voice? It never gets old. Let's go camping. You slept well there. I think dat's a great idea. I love you. xo

  12. I just like to say hashtag. That is my new favorite word. Thanks!

  13. 1. I am a Debby Downer by default... me and Deb are real tight, yo... but that doesn't mean we are gonna start dressing emo. It's all good.

    2. I must take this depression test. Though I might probably surely fail... I do know that yarn and crochet hooks... and dark dove chocolates tend to bring out the best in me.

    7. Comma rules are MY LIFE. (not really) but I have been trying to teach Reality Jayne to learn them for years... but maybe you and RJ are alike... you two are "just not that into them."

    14. Don't hate on Twitter... it's the awesomesauce... I tweet too much... and probably need therapy. #Word.

    20. "Nothing makes me prouder than when one of my daughters witnesses to others about her love for Jesus." (That's what it's all about Charlie Brown.... LOVE)

  14. I'm with you on Leslie Knope and American Idol. Although I am watching AI through the auditions just to see Steven Tyler. They've made him better looking. somehow. I think it's new teeth since he knocked his out last summer. I'm not worried about you - the moods are perfectly normal and we all do the same thing.

  15. 1-3. Ditto.
    6. Chipped a tooth the other day. Thankfully DIDN'T need a crown, just bonded over the chip. Good luck.
    7. I always tend to overuse commas because I can never remember the rules for them!
    16. Ditto.

    I loved this post - the cornucopia of subjects was awesome!

  16. I know for sure that I love your list.

    All of it.

    But maybe especially # 3.



  17. I like this post. My mind is all over the place and I didn't have to stick with one thought for very long! :)

  18. #16. Usually for me too, but this year I peeked the night Jim Carrey's daughter auditioned.

    Weekly updates, dat's a great idea. Hope the new meds help.

    I wore my workout pants to the gym inside out earlier this week. Next week I think I will wear my underwear on the outside of them.

    Not a Nellie.


    Yes, I can be a Nellie...

  19. #3 me too
    #5 dat sounds good to me
    #11 adding it to my prayer list
    #14 #crackedmeup
    #19 I did that yesterday too! At the gym! And I was so tired I almost switched in the middle of the class, then remembered I was in a public place
    #20 #yourdaughtersrock

  20. Can I tell you a secret? I still have my wedding pedi polish on. The wedding was July 30th. She did such an awesome job, it looked great thru August and then...well....I guess time just got away from me and I started wearing real shoes again. They're not looking so great now.
    I'm so ashamed.
    Oh, and commas? I usually ignore them altogether and just embrace the run-on sentence.


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