Monday, February 6, 2012

Bleary-eyed and hooked

Well, I am obsessed
with Downton Abbey. 

Everyone has been raving about this series.
It is on PBS.
But, to catch up I needed Netflix.
I had given my membership up.
We have an extensive package with Dish. 
I couldn't justify it.
But my friend Suzette said
it was worth re-instating my membership
to be able to watch this series.
She said "it is just that good."
So I dropped the $7.99
and sat down to watch.
7 episodes on Netflix
and 3 more on
I burnt the midnight oil
and then some.
Now I am caught up 
with the episodes airing on PBS.
She was bloody well right.
I am keen on it. 
"Everything in the garden is rosy."
I can't wait until next Sunday night
to see what happens with Bates and Anna.
Until then, I am wearing corsets,
rustling my skirts,
and saying things like 
 M'Lady and pip pip
while I sip my tea.


  1. That's what every one told us about madmen. Just couldn't get hooked ...through all the smoke filled scenes. Glad you found a good one.

  2. I got totally hooked on Mad Men. Now, Damages? Not so much. Haven't tried this Downton Abbey, yet. I have Netflix, so maybe I'll give it a whirl.

  3. love downton abbey! it's my monday night, online fix. i just watched this week's episode and am now headed to bed wondering about sir richard & mary, lavinia & matthew, mrs. bates(!), and peter gordon. i may not sleep. sometimes when i read, i find myself picking up the accents and dialects and thinking in them! you know, like talking to myself in my head? - that's what i'm doing now with downton abbey. in my mind, i talk like mary and/or anna. bloody fool!

  4. Okay, Okay. Now IIIIII am the last one that has not seen Downton Abbey. How many seasons do I have to catch up on? So, its REALLY worth it, eh? If Ms. Janie says so, I must!

  5. "Welcome to Downton Abbey."
    My brown-eyed-handsome-man watched the first season. I gave him much teasing for it too. However,WE ARE BOTH fans of it this season! We spent many hours catching up watching it online. Now if we have commitments on Sunday night he records it for us. Here's an amazing truth..... my hubby is a classic male. He did every sport in high school and still loves to watch all the seasons. But....Sunday night it was a challenge for him to miss Downton because he had to attend the church super bowl party! hahahaha. Never thought I'd see that day.

  6. I'm always late to get on the band-wagon....but I'll definitely be joining. My thought is to wait until I can check out the dvds at the library. Just hope I don't forget by the time they come out! I do NOT want to start in the middle.

  7. I just started watching this although I actually cheated and found a website online you can watch them all from for free. Still, totally hooked.

    1. Share the site! I've looked and looked for something free to watch the last two episodes for this season! I'm dying to know what happens next!

    2. i think we watched them from this link....

  8. Love! We're another home obsessed with the Abbey. We talk about them as if they're real people. You do know the next two weeks, the last two for this season, are TWO HOUR EPISODES! (At least that's what I gather from'm so excited!

  9. I need to catch up too. I watched 30 minutes a fwe weeks ago and I was hooked. My friend made me sit down to watch and then pulled the plug as soon as she knew I was in.

  10. I did exactly the same thing and caught up this week. Bates and Anna? What about Patrick!?!?!?! Blimey! Ann

  11. Oh, Cheerio, M'lady! Isn't it just such a lovely show? I am Downton Obsessed!!

  12. And Thomas jolly well better get his comeupenace--what, what

  13. have convinced me...keep seeing it on Netflix and hesitated because I an so far behind...

  14. I watched it here: BUT beware and don't click the adverts!

  15. i keep hearing about this. i want to get hooked, but like you, i'm without netflix. i'm also worried because i'm watching American Idol (it sucks me in everytime) and The Voice, so throw another show into the mix and all i'd do is watch tv for life. so, maybe come summer, when nothing is on, i'll look it up. : ) glad you are enjoying it!

  16. I've seen on episode and that was enough to give me the "wanna see" bug. Maybe this summer I'll have time to watch it all.

  17. ugggh...i'm sure i'll be obsessed, too...i've avoided it for so long but can't now that you've outed a resource for back episodes. netflix. i'm on my way. you need to figure out a way to earn commission on this blasted...errrr...bloody post.


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