Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baby Names

Yesterday's post was in no way making fun
 of my Dad or the other elderly man.
My dad was a great dad/husband.
He loved my mom like she deserved.
I miss him,
even though he is physically here.
It is weird.
To see him 
but not really connect with him
most of the time
is hard for all of us.
We are happy he is able to 
be taken care of in such a
beautiful facility.
We are grateful
we are able to help.
Truthfully, Alzheimer's sucks.
But, what disease doesn't.
They all do.
God doesn't promise us no strife,
but  he does promise to never leave us.
One day Dad will be healed 
when he walks through Heaven's gates.
We will have a party that day.
I tend to deal with stressful things 
with humor.
I try to look for the blessings.
There is always, always a silver lining.
One of the reasons
we started the Lunch Bunch
was to get Dad and Mom out.
It has turned out to be a great thing
for all who attend.
We have a great time.
Last week, my sister Linda 
made me and my Aunt Betty split a gut.
Uncle Jim (Aunt Betty's husband), Aunt Betty, Uncle Jimmy

Uncle Jim had some old pictures
and some genealogy information to share.
It seems my grandpa had twin brothers 
who died as children.
Chancey and Chester.
My grandma had twin sisters
who died as children.
Their names were 
O'Greta and Olivia.
This helps explain
we have going in the family.
I hear Linda yammering...
and she says something about 
the twin Ovarian.
Really, Ovarian?
Aunt Betty and I lost it.
What a goof.
Linda is becoming my mom. 
They rival each other at times.
I couldn't wait to call Abbie with the idea.
Baby Ovarian Jane.
Perhaps Uterine Ann.
Or the prettiest of all 
Fallopian Kay.
Thanks Linda!

P.S. I am reading your blogs as much as I have time for... but skipping the comments. I have homework to do. I have workouts to do. I have a fever/sinus infection/bronchitis/fluid on the ears so I am down today... But, I have meds with orders to go to bed. As soon as I am fit I am back to doing this camp right. Keep praying :)


  1. Linda has opened up a whole NEW world of baby names for Abby.

    Sorry about the fever/s.i./bronchitis/fluid on the ears. You do well to obey "orders".

    We'll all be here when you're fit again.

  2. I found your blog not long ago. My life is stressful and really hard sometimes. You make me laugh.Bless you.

  3. I totally understand your post about your dad & mom and the neighbor/visitor.
    This is real life and sometimes it is just plain funny - nothing disrespectful,
    just "real"..."Ovarian Jane"? LOL!!

  4. I, for one, didn't feel you were being disrespectful of your dad or his neighbor. I can just picture you worrying about what your blog friends must think. Don't worry! We all need a little humor in our lives to cope.

  5. That was hilarious!

    Keeping running this race strong!

  6. I didn't think you were making fun...some days you gotta laugh or you're just gonna cry. Been there. The twin names...what a hoot!
    Thanks for the get better...gotta get back to bootcamp!

  7. Ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. humor is the best kind of meds. but maybe not for sinus yuck? so sorry you're sick! feel better.

  9. I hope you feel better soon, Janie! I detest being sick. The baby names...HI-LAR-EEE-US!!!!
    Your last post was in no way disrespectful. Sending you good, healthy vibes.

  10. You forgot about Cervical Sally. I tend to diffuse stress with humor as well. If you don't laugh, you'll cry and I'd rather laugh if I can. Ann

  11. Dear Janie, I need your help, I need prayer for my grandson, and I am asking for your help in spreading the word to others that will pray with us, I posted about him on my blog today so if you have time, please stop by and say a prayer. I have followed Ollie's little precious life and I know miracles happen everyday. thank you, lisa

  12. Having to workout while having a sinus infection sounds like one of those rungs of Hell Dante wrote about. Or, like what I imagine he wrote about--me, not having actually read any Dante.

    And, yes, by all means keep laughing.

  13. I hope no one thought you were poking fun; it was obvious to me that you were looking for light in a potentially dark situation.

    Anyway, your twin names called to mind and old episode of I Love Lucy (one of my all time favorite shows) when she's pregnant and suggesting names for the baby.

    She tells Ricky she wants the names to be "unique and euphonious."
    To which he replies, "Okay. Unique if it's a boy and euphonious if it's a girl."

    (Only slightly better than Fallopian Kay.)

    Love. That. Show. And you.
    So feel better soon.

  14. I know I'm repeating myself (no pun intended) You bust my gut everytime. I so get this. My mom has dementia. Feel better soon.


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