Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Aubrie and Everett

Well, I am back again.
I am still hacking up my lungs.
I cannot kick this blasted, stooo-pid cough.
 But, life goes on.
No wawawa today.
Please, someone slap me
and call me Susan if I do.
Today, I vow and declare to tell
you a cute story.
A little incident with the grands.
I went to see them last night.
Best medicine evah. 

Aubrie starts telling me all about
a show she has seen.
She tells me "sometimes turtles lay their eggs in a 
crocodile's nest."
She says "when the baby turtles hatch,
the momma crocodile picks them up 
with soft jaws and carries them to the water.
But, there are lots of creatures who want to kill them,
and the momma crocodile "retects" them from
the "emenies". 
She says "there are hippos in the water with 
really strong jaws."

Everett chimes in ...
"Yeah, and they chomp the crocodiles in half!"
 I say "what in the world show are you guys watching?"
They say "Wild Kratts."
For those of you who don't know,
Wild Kratts is the 2 brothers Kratt
who tell about wild animals.
Then, they morph into cartoon characters
and go on a wildlife adventure. 
The berries of this story is 
that Everett calls it Wild Craps.
For Wild Craps Sake,
I think I may have just found a new catch phrase. 
Whatcha think?



  1. I think it is truly fabulous!! :) Those are two absolutely adorable kids...but then from what I saw, you are definitely blessed in the precious grand baby department. :) SO glad to actually meet you and Stu. xoxoxox

  2. That was a super cute story.

    I have joined your hacking and coughing.

    I felt your misery needed company I suppose.

    That was a dumb idea on my part.

    Hope we feel better soon. I want my lungs back.

  3. I love how she looks in those glasses - she looks like she could be on TV! So cute. sandie

  4. Those are some might fine pics Grandma Janie.

  5. wild craps! i love it! but don't make me laugh, please, or i'll have a coughing fit! i too have it and, quite literally, feel your pain. i've coughed so hard and so much that something, either my muscles or my ribs, really hurts!!! i hope we feel better soon, too!

  6. Wild craps! You should "retect" this with a copyright :) Those kids are adorable.

  7. Oh...glad you got to see your grands!
    That is always a "good medicine" 8~)
    Love your blog...get better & better!
    Isn't that what you are suppose to say when someone is sick, but not quite well? ;~)
    Take care,

  8. That is priceless! How on earth could my family not know about that show?! Waaay cooler than Diego. A new catch phrase for my family after "I can't care." Praying you and your sweet Dad both enjoy a sunny day today.

  9. Ha Ha HA Ha!!! Love it! Are those the same Kratt Borthers who had the show "Zaboomafoo" when my kids were little?

  10. Glad you are feeling better Janie! Those kids would be the best medicine for anyone. Ann

  11. Wild Craps, huh??? I wonder if Ethan would like that one :-)

  12. Cute story........and I love it ~

    for Wild Craps Sake ~ haha!!

  13. Oh crap that is a funny story!!! Love it!!!

  14. Kids say the funniest things but yet they are so honest . . . kids and drunks, go figure. Feel better kiddo:O)

  15. I have been in such a writing slump. You just helped me realize what my problem is.

    I need grandchildren. Definitely.

  16. Love it!! Love to hear you back to your old self!! I teach Kindergarten, so 'out of the mouths of babes' applies everyday! The other day they were watching the morning announcements on the tv and the "word of the day" was ARTICHOKE...they were going to argue about what it meant...one of them kept swearing it was when you choked someone. I said, "listen, we live in Georgia, but we dont have to have the redneck version of EVERYTHING...' I arti choke you...' Jeff Foxworthy would be proud!!

  17. how did you share your plague with us all the way in kansas city? with two squibs on bowel-ripping antibiotics AND steroids, i think wild craps is EXACTLY the phrase I needed this week.

    testify, ev. testify.

  18. I knew as soon as you started that someone has been watching Wild Kratts, my kids love them and are currently watching it. I love how much info they have, I learn things everytime!! Cute cute cute!!

  19. my son is obsessed with Wild Kratts as well. the things they learn. It's weird to have a 4 year old marching around and overusing the word "predator". :)


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