Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How does that look?

If you are like me you have said
more than once...
Do these pants make me look fat?

But I don't think I have ever said
Does this chair make me look fat?

Luckily for "Goldilocks"
Grandma's chair collecting pays off.

I wish I could rock a pair of striped pants that well!!

For those of you that wanted to send my mom a card:
email me and I will send you her address.


  1. What a great chair! (That second one for sure.) Janie, after "camp" you just might be using it yourself...

  2. SO adorable. (the girl, and the chairs and the that order:))

  3. She must be a fun one to have around...
    she probably thinks you are a very fun grandma too!
    You have alot of "neat stuff" at your house. 8~)
    Take care & praying for you and your,

  4. Girlfriend is rocking those stripes for sure!

  5. What fun Grandma for both of you!! Love it!!

  6. I was just saying this week: I dress my girls in everything I would wear if I were more satisfied with my bod. :)

  7. It looks like a pair of pants that will NEVER be worn to exagerate my bootie! But oh-so-cute on her!

  8. Your whole family is awesome, I look forward to all your blogs!! Thank you!

  9. why is chubby so cute on little ones and not on big ladies, hah. I would love to be able to wear those jeggings. I just think they are the cutest things....but no way on this body.
    I love how she is sitting in the little chair.

  10. Adorable :O) Hope the days are getting better for you Janie. Sandy xox

  11. Glad your granddaughter showed up in her stripey pants to give you a smile. You remain on my middle o'the night prayer list, Miss Janie.


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