Wednesday, March 21, 2012

update and a confession

First things first...
Dad is better.
Sunday we learned he had pneumonia.
He wasn't taking the oral meds and
an IV was not in the cards b/c 
it would require sedation for him to keep it in.
But he started taking the pills.
His oxygen levels are good.
The dementia drugs they have changed
are starting to bring some improvement.
He gets very agitated when it comes to personal care.
Otherwise, he is pretty easy.
He is still confused and hallucinates
but calm.
That is the disease.
He may see cattle and hogs,
but he is compliant and content...
Until he needs help with his hygiene.
This is improving though.
He let a podiatrist cut his toenails.
That was huge.
He is still in the Behavioral unit
and probably will be for another week.
 So for now, things are going okay.
 Now the confession...
I am in bootcamp, as you know.
There is a weekly phone call conference
where we take notes.
There is reading,
and an online lecture too.
Then we have a quiz once a week.
The confession is I have gotten stupid.
The old adage 
"use it or lose it is true."
I read, well I did when I had time.
Now I read fitness stuff.
I was a good student.
I got good grades with little effort.
I took notes, reviewed them,
and took tests with great results.
Now, I am a nervous wreck 
when I am taking the test.
My knees shake.
So far I have gotten 95's and 100's
so I am learning the material...
but the ease I used to feel is gone.
I want a book like
Bootcamp for Dummies.
When did this happen?
Spelling used to be common sense to me.
Now, I cannot spell 
definite or niece ever! 
Ever...thankfully there is spell check. 
I have the vocabulary of a 3rd grader.
I remember absolutely nothing about grammar rules.
Is lack of estrogen to blame?
Maybe it is 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation
that is to blame?
I don't know,
but I do know I need to keep reading
and using my cortex.
Soon I hope to be all scholarly and intellectual.
 Get prepared...
you are going to need a thesaurus
 and a dictionary
just to read my blog.
Nah, I doubt it.
To quote on of my faves...Popeye
"I yam what I yam!"
Stupid in a good way...
that's a title I like.
Btw I am down 18 lbs, Can I get a "Hells yeah"?



  1. what no pic?? we need a pic!!!! SO PROUD OF YOU!

  2. wow lady! Keep up the good work.

    I'm glad your dad is doing better.

  3. That's much better news about your father. I'm sure concerns still remain.

    Not so sure about the "hells" part - but YEAH! For sure! Yeah! I'm very, very jealous, Janie. 18 pounds is SIGnificant. Keep it up.

  4. Fantastic!! 18 lbs!

    I am having trouble with spelling too.
    Can't remember which words end in "s" and which
    end in "es". I've always been a great Speller,
    Now, not ao much. When we lose our
    Estrogen it affects EVERYTHING!!

    Glad yoyurDad is showing improvement.

  5. Yay,yay....Janie...way to go... bye,bye to the pounds!
    I 2nd what Farm Girls Paints said: "We need a picture"....
    just encase we don't recognize you.8~)
    So glad your dad is doing better.
    Love ya,

  6. Congratulations on your weight loss. That's alot.
    Glad your father is doing better. Oh I know how it is. My Dad broke his finger. It was way out of place. The doctor tried to wrap it but he kept tearing the wraps off. No way they could operate either. It's so hard but sometimes there are some tender moments.
    Good luck with the BOot Camp.

  7. Hells Yeah! Maybe I need to look into this bootcamp thing...

  8. Glad to hear your dad is doing better. My dad was the same way when it came to hygiene. We ended up hiring a male CNA to bathe him 4 times a week and for male companionship. He was an angel and made things easier for everyone. My mind is going along with yours. Can you smuggle me some of your dad's pills and maybe then I will think better? Ann

  9. There's nothing dumb about you. Dumb is unentertaining; you definitely don't fall into that category. Glad to hear about Dad. I still intend to write to Toots; it hasn't happened, yet, but it will. 18 pounds down ROCKS!

  10. Hell Yeah!! Good job Janie! and thanks for the update on your dad- I think about your family often :)

  11. Hells yeah! I've been working hard, too. Then I went and bought a new scale. It makes me want to go dive into a bubbling vat of hot fudge.

    Anyway. I'll just keep trying to sound out all the big words you'll be using, miss Smarty. :)

  12. 18 pounds? I would love to lose 18 pounds :O) Way to go kiddo! Sounds like things have settle down with your Dad . . . good to hear. Blessings, Sandy xo

  13. So glad your Dad is doing better! About the toenails...yay! I actually sat next to an older lady at Mass this morning and she whipped out her nail clippers and clipped her fingernails. Because of what is going on with your Dad, I decided to be charitable and figure maybe more is going on with her. And 18 elle bees is fantastic!!

  14. I'm glad your dad is improving. The situation must be so hard. I also have problems with spelling and words since I retired. Nothing drastic, but enough to make me shake my head since I was an executive secretary and responsible for a great deal of proofreading. Super good for you on the weight loss! You must be downright skinny.

  15. 18 lbs! You are wasting away to nothing woman!! happy for ya.

  16. HELLS YEAH. Down 18lbs? And you put that in small print? You are too much of a lady, I would have said "HEY, I'M DOWN 18 POUNDS!"
    You inspire me.
    xo, Cheryl

  17. Whoot whoot whoot, Hells YEAH!!!
    Yay for you AND your dear Dad!
    Hope you allow just a few chocolate bunny ears to be snitched... ;-)
    Luv ya LOTS


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