Sunday, April 8, 2012

Trumping the Easter Bunny

When our girls were growing up
Stuart used to complain that 
The Easter Bunny and Santa
 got too much credit.
They brought all the good stuff.
Now with grand kids
this story changes.
 This morning we loaded up and 
headed down the road to the kids' house.
We had a gift in tow.

 Aubrie kept saying she wanted a bunny or a fish for Easter.
Actually, she harped about it.
She ran that train into the ground.
I asked Pa Stuart what were his thoughts.
I asked their mom, Annie.
She said she didn't care.
She really said that.
So, Stuart said he would see a man about some rabbits.
Our neighbor had 8.
And a hutch he wasn't using.
Now that was a deal.
So we got 3 males.
No birth control required.
Lucy, no reproduction 'splaining to do. 
The kiddos were hunting eggs and 
unwrapping chocolate 
when we got there.

When we said there is a surprise outside
the stampede started.

They were surprised.

They named them 
Max, Roger, and Kevin.
I think Freaked,  Scratching Your Arm, 
and No Way IN Hell You Are Holding Me
would be better names.
Maybe it was the truck ride...
but these rabbits aren't digging the new digs.
I hope time will settle them down.

But the rabbits' displeasure wasn't noticed.

(And no, that isn't Kentucky blue grass.
Annie spray painted in her yard.
I cannot be held responsible...
I can't care.)
Someone got her Easter wish.

Someone got his too.

Ain't that the berries?


  1. you are going down in grandparent HISTORY. i'm sure the bunnies will warm up to the children. or die soon. but probably they'll warm up.

  2. I love it....and brave Annie for saying she didn't care. We had an Easter bunny that resided in our house for a short time...unfortunately that particular bunny did NOT come with a hutch, rather a cardboard box which did not properly contain said bunny for very long. Turns out bunnies can chew through cardboard. Who knew. After several hours spent chasing the escapee around the house on my hands and knees, I had a small mental breakdown and made an or the bunny. Lucky me that I got chosen. ;)
    Pretty sure I agree with Courtney. Grandparent history for sure. :)

  3. When my kids were growing up, I used to tell them if they didn't behave I would buy ponies for their children. Just pull up some day in front of their houses and say, "Kids--look what Grandma brought! Don't forget to feed him!"

    They're still not entirely sure whether or not I was kidding.

    Bunnies are the kinder, gentler Grandma gift. Well played.

  4. I'm going to have my kids start calling you Grandma. Amen.

  5. Such sweet are brave. Didn't the sweet baby get a bunny. So cute all of them. We are blessed aren't we.

  6. Now that is what pictures of pure happiness and joy looks like by all!!

    You rock Grandpa and Grandma!!

  7. Those bunnies are cute...I hope they get used to the kids!

    You sound like rockin' grandparents to me!

  8. The berries, indeed. The rabbits will settle down and their hutches are really nice. If they have some outdoor running time, they will enjoy being held. So cute and fun - I just know the kids love having them. Ann

  9. Your day looks way more berry-ish than mine was. 17 years old is worse than the terrible 2's by a long shot.

  10. Haha - I hope you asked the parents first. Sandie

  11. Little did you know that Jade is buying Dad a pony for Father's Day. You're welcome :)


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