Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Do you look like anybody?
Someone once told me I looked like Patricia Richardson.

I don't and sadly, I never did.
  But I hear on  a regular basis I look a lot like these folks.

(Sorry for the poor quality pic.
Abbie wasn't at the wedding 
so I didn't have any wicked sick photos of her.
I stole this from her blog.)

 (he likes me)
I look like my daughters they say...
Or technically they look like me.
Whatta think?
I think I hope so.
This is even a sweeter deal in my opinion.
 I hope they didn't mean these two "daughters".

However, they got groomed today
and got their summer haircuts.
I couldn't get over how skinny Reta (the hot blonde)looked.
Shuttie haters, she does look skinny.
 Freshly groomed and skinny, 
what the heck...I'll take it.


  1. Thee beautiful girls... Yep, they look like their beautiful mama.

  2. Such pretty girls and pretty mama. My favorite line...shuffle haters. I get told all the time, for years, that I look like Joanna Kerns. Kearns?

  3. I don't look like anyone, really. You look the MOSTEST like Maggie, I think.

  4. Abbie looks just like you!

  5. Reba McIntyre....I can always tell when someone is going to say it...I see them staring and then walk up and say "Has anyone ever told you..." Love you bestie!

  6. You are all beautiful, and you all look alike.

    I, myself, have been compared to Winona Ryder, and I was fine with that until she went on her theiving benge and mucked up her (our) good name. Law.

  7. You do look like Patricia. But your daughter Abbey looks just like you. I have been told several times I look like Paula Dean. Sometimes people star at me waiting on me to open my mouth, hah. Now she is loosing weight so I have to as well, he he.
    Glad you don't look like your doggies, hah. We had our springer trimmed......shaved almost. He looks so skinny that I even took him in to get weighed. They say he is okay at only 28 pounds but that's small for a springer.

  8. You. Are. Gorgeous. (All of you, but it's the apple/tree thing so I'm praising you.)

    I used to get frequent Elizabeth Shue comparisons a couple of decades ago.

    Now I don't get much of anything. I'm waiting for the celebrity who is ALWAYS in sweat pants with her hair in a ponytail.

    That would be me.

  9. Janie...
    I think all the beautifulness started with your Mom 8~)
    And you and all your girls got the benefit from her. 8~)
    Take care,
    P.S. I think you look like Patricia Richardson. ;~)

  10. Well, you do share some qualities with "the hot blonde", mainly your hotness. Your beautiful daughters are stunning extensions of you... Ann

  11. Gorgeous daughters and gorgeous Mama!


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