Thursday, April 5, 2012

Compliment me please...

Well, if you want a compliment 
just post a few pictures of your cute kids 
then ask if you look like them.
Apparently, I am just gorgeous 
and I was unaware of it.
I need to send those comments to the 
lady at the Merle Norman store 
who once gave me a makeover...
She applied my eye make-up and then gasped
and said
"Oh my, I didn't realize your eyes were so wide set!"
Why, thank you??
 I guess most of the time I wear my makeup
to distract from that fact.
Apparently, I must look more like this 
in Merle Norman makeup.
 However, I like my hair color.
Bite me Merle Norman eye shadow.
You need a re-formulation of your products.
But I'm thinking I do need a good eye cream.
And rhinoplasty too.
But the hair I like.


  1. You're so silly. C'mon over: I've got a cracker JUST for you. (And a big hug, too!)

  2. Oh Janie!
    I am soooo glad I found your blog...
    you say alot of things I would say...
    if I was a quick enough thinker!
    Take care,

  3. What do the Merle Norman ladies know ANYhow?

  4. I thought you were saying "compliment me, please" because you are so skinny and I'm sitting here with my belly bulging because I went out with the girls after work! UGH!
    xo, Cheryl

  5. let me know if you find a good eye cream....I noticed some crepe paper look around mine this morning....what the what?


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