Friday, April 13, 2012

Decorating , queenly and otherwise

I rarely post pictures of my house.
I love to decorate but
my photography skills fall short.
Even when Sweet Becky was here
(and she is good...
she sells photos)
she said it was hard to get a decent shot.
The lighting is poor.
With a side porch and a front porch
and no canned lighting
it's difficult to get good pictures.
Everyone who visits
says it looks so much better in person.
I guess that is better than vice versa.
The truth is I like it dim.
I like living in a cataract world.
I think canned lighting is beautiful
but I couldn't live with it.
I am not a fan of overhead lighting.
I prefer lamps.
Lamplight is softer and kinder.
It hides wrinkles and chin hair 
makes everyone more comely.
I'll save you the google...


  1. (typically of a woman) Pleasant to look at; attractive.
  2. Agreeable; suitable.
Fun fact: every time my sister-in-laws comes over,
she switches on the ceiling light.
every. single. time.
She has canned lighting.
She is a lamp hater.
After all that I am finally getting to the point
of this wordy post.
I am making my friend Carolyn's wish come true.
She visited last week
and insisted/ demanded
I post a picture of one of my displays 
on Pinterest or my blog.
 I said I'd try.

Since I am already knee deep
into a post about decor
 and you are already bored,
I will share a recent project I finished.
I have no befores because 
I had no intention of ever doing a blog about it.
I had 2 end tables that had really ugly finishes.
Both were wooden.
One was oak and one was a horrible mystery.
Both needed saving from themselves.
I didn't want to strip them.
It just isn't my look.
I am a junker/antiquer
with a love of old Grandma.
It works well for an old grandma.
If you are what you eat
then maybe you are what you decorate like.?
 I knew I wanted to paint them.
I thought about silver
which Annie had used on a dresser...
and I had dubbed the "Tin Man collection." 
But silver wouldn't work with my chairs very well.
I pondered the color for some time.
We lived with the ugly 
and I threw colors around in my head.
The walls are red raspberry. 
Finally, I decided to go with metallic gold.
Liberace gold.
I called them my
"Shah of Iran" collection initially
but changed it to the "Queen of Sheba" collection
in honor of my sister Linda.
When I was a kid, she was a teen.
Mom would always say to her
" Who do you think you are...
the Queen of Sheba?"
However my mom
pronounced it with a soft e,
like Debbie.
The Queen of Shebba
was not quite as effective as a put-down
when you are snickering over Mom's version.
However, she also said "den o zowers"
for dinosaurs.
And "flammie( like Sammy) goes"
for flamingos.
Eventually though you become your mother.
Life has a way of biting you on the arse.

Exhibit 1,2 and 3

 Homely or comely?
I can't care what anyone thinks.
I may not be Jeff Lewis
(who I desperately love)
 but I adore these tables.
When I sit my cup of coffee on them
and I turn on the lamps, 
I feel all
queenly and comely.
My  advice folks is
turn off those ceiling lights,
get some metallic paint
and join the comely revolution.
 God save the Queen of "Shebba".


  1. Your house is so cute and COZY. I am with you about overhead lights. I seriously dislike overhead lighting. Love all your bright colors.

  2. I love your home, it looks like a fun place to be. I love the orange!!!!

  3. Again. .BawHahaha! Too funny,u silly girl...well anyway, I vote both Queenly and Comely...Btw...LOL!

  4. I love (want) your house!! I want you to come and decorate my house!! Want Want Want....Your house is amazing, I would turn on a lamp and never leave. Guess you better never have me over, or you would want me to leave!! Happy Friday!!!

  5. Love the gold! I, too am a lamp lover and I will never think of the Queen of Sheba in the same way again!

  6. Well, my mother in law shops at PLublix (vs Publix, its a grocery store in the south) and my sister in law wears a CAMRY, like the car, instead of a cammie...and my friend always has a great ideaL....drives me INSANE!!!! Love the your ecclectic taste!!

  7. I love lamp light and natural light. I love a good window unadorned. And I love the word comely.

  8. Janie...You have too much fun...
    if I lived in your "neck of the woods"...
    I would stop by for some inspiration. 8~)
    Take care,
    P.S. I have a good friend from Alabama...
    (I am in Montana...but originally from the mid west)
    she is teaching me how to "talk right" 8~)
    My name should be pronounced...Naintcy

  9. Your house is adorable; so welcoming and eclectic and original. I'm a lamp lover. And lover of distressed, antiquey looking accessories.

    I also am a lover of the word comely. And you.
    So happy Friday!


  10. I love your house! It's cheerful and colorful and happy home for sure!!!! It SCREAMS LOVE !!!!!


  11. Queen of Shebba, I love that shelf above the couch . . . going to try that idea in my den. Love, love that yellow cabinet too :O)

  12. I SO agree about lamp light...And I am really, REALLY glad you posted your pictures. I was quite surprised by how much I like the paint on your tables/chest! Mostly I just adore everything about your house. No one thing - just the way EVERYthing works together.

  13. Love your pics...everything looks so comfy & cozy. It screams "home". I want to see more!

  14. Love your home - it truly looks like a home if you know what I mean. And I agree - no overhead lighting. sandie

  15. Becky promises I would love everything about your house. I reckon she knows since she's been in my house. I think you should come visit us!

  16. Love the displays! Your house (or that part of it, anyway!) definitely says, "come on in and stay awhile!"

  17. So pretty! I love it. Your home is so beautiful!

  18. I'm with you, I love lamps and soft lights. Anything that hides fat and chin hairs. your so fun and it sounds like your feeling back to yourself again. I really like your house.

  19. You already know I love your style. And your words. And you. Im dreamin that if I ever get my "shop"/junk sale started, you'll come help me stage it...?!? And run it... ;-P xoxoxo


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