Sunday, April 22, 2012

Is it leprechauns or me?

I am in a quandary.
Someone or something is messing with me. 
I have lost sleep the last two nights because of it.
I love to read but it seems forever since I have read for fun.
I have had homework for bootcamp. 
I have read some self-help and nutrition books 
that go along with what I am learning in bootcamp.
Last week though, I picked up a book
my niece Ellen had given me and started reading.
Usually I read in fits.
A few minutes here and there.
I either become obsessed with chores 
that I remember I need to do,
phones calls to make,
or I go into a coma.
I don't do movies very well either...same problem.
Most of the time, I have several books going at once.
Every time I pick one up I have to do a quick review
to remember what it was about.
My kindle is full of half started books, also.
This particular book was pretty good.
I was about a third of the way in.
Friday I was off to Annie's to babysit.
I had my book and a new magazine
in my pile of stuff to take.
I had a tote with my healthy lunch and snacks.
I had my camera bag.
I had my purse.
I remember thinking 
"I shouldn't take the book because I will
be too wrapped up playing with the kids"
but also thinking "well, they might nap."
I don't remember what my final decision was.
Later that evening I decided I wanted to read.
I couldn't find the book.
I looked in my car.
Annie said it wasn't at her house.
Maggie said she hadn't seen it.
The cleaning lady said she hadn't seen it.
I have searched my house.
I am a neat nik so it should be easy to spot.
It is not.
I have looked under my bed...
not logical since
I don't think I ever took it upstairs.
But then again...who can remember?
I have looked under and behind sofas
and under cushions.
I have looked in the laundry basket,
the trash, and the fridge.
(I once found my phone in the trash and the fridge.)
Shuttie critics.
Now I think I may just order it on Kindle.
The main problem with that plan is 
when I do a search I cannot seem to find
The I Can't Remember The Title by Something What's Her Name. 
Damn you Dead Estrogen once again.


  1. Oh, bother! (At least you have something to blame it on...)

    I have my request in for Adriani Trigliani's new book at the library: The Shoemaker's Wife. I've not read ONE of her books that has disappointed me yet.

    And yesterday (remember, we're still on vacation), I read My Connemara out loud to poor Gary. This was written by Carl Sandburg's daughter who lived at Connemara for about the first 10 years of her life. Having just visited the house and 200+ acres on vacation, I couldn't put this book down!

    There. I think I hit on a key for not losing a book! Don't put it down!

  2. It will turn up. Maybe today....maybe at Christmas. I feel your pain, Sister.

    My blog is back....come see me!

  3. I am giggling over this! I know where EVERYTHING is, so when I lose something is drives me batty!

    Pray. Ask God where it is. You'll find it ten minutes later. Amen.


  4. AHAHAHAH! Classic!

    I have decided (in the past two days) to spend my summer becoming a Neat Nik. I freaking can't find anything and my mother has a heart attack when she comes to my house. She actually told me that if I put my clothes away as I use them i won't be so overwhelmed. Mothers. Telling you you're a hot mess since the beginning of time.

  5. I can totally relate...and often, because I'm a hot piggy mess every single day of my life. Honestly, I think it's more rare for me to misplace something than the other way around. Tragedy, I'm telling you.

  6. I was just about to say, right before I read your last line. And what is unusual about all of this? Ann

  7. you are so funny.story of my life that lost book by what's it's name. yuk yuk

  8. Hi-larious! This reminds me of when my son worked in a book store. He was once asked, "Can you help me? I'm looking for a book. I think it's about a bird. But I don't know the title or the author." Another time, he was asked, "Can you recommend a book for a person that hates to read?" Ummm....

  9. Yes'm that's my life too. Last week I started a book at bedtime. The next night when I wanted to continue, couldn't remember A THING about any book. In fact couldn't even settle down to read a book. And I LOVE TO READ. Finally chalked it up to "mourning memory"...or lack of memory, actually. I didn't even remember I'm nearly 54 and the hormones are being stupid! I do appreciate THAT reminder now thank you.

    This morning hubby wanted some clean socks. crazy i know. He looked in the dryer. Yes...there they were. However 'someone' had forgotten to turn the dryer on!

    Happy Monday and may the missing book, brain, etc, be found.

  10. I hate it ....when I can't find something.
    Hope you find it soon...or can remember the title to get it on your Kindle.
    Have a Marvelous Monday!

  11. oh my...i do all of the same thing...i am constantly stopping what i am doing because i remember something else i have to do!

  12. I vow and declare, you make me feel way less cranky about having a body full of dead estrogen.

  13. You and my daughter are quite a twosome. sandie

  14. "Darned" dead estrogen is right. wait til you're 62--(if you can live that long with it dead. I can't find anything because 1. The house looks like a tornado came thru it since hubby retired. 2. The DD estrogen situation. 3. I am unfit for any task that calls for keeping up with things except doctor's appts, it seems. (Of course, they MAY be the problem. :() 4. I just love a clean house--I just don't love to clean it anymore.


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