Tuesday, May 8, 2012


A few months ago,
 I wasn't sure we would be celebrating this day.
But we are!
God has blessed us.
Today my dad is 93!
We are off to party and make a fun day.
I'll be back with pics....
and stories.
I'll leave you with a teaser story 
of what may be to come.
My sister Linda has a spiky hairdo.
Maggie is her stylist too.
It is cute hair...to us.
On one of our first visits to the unit
my sister Linda entered. 
One of the residents came right up to her
and waved her finger in Linda's face
while pointing at my sister's hair
and said "Oh no no no, don't be bringing that to my house!"
In her defense, this lady wears a hat at all times.
 It is always entertaining!

Happy Birthday Dad!! 
I love you so!


  1. Happy Birthday Special Fun Day to you all!

  2. Happy birthday to your daddy, Janie!!!

  3. He looks huggable and ornery at the same time. I KNOW you will have fun today. Happiest of days to your poppa and mom and may it be a good day for all of you. I"m off to spend two days and a night w/my pop.

  4. Happy birthday to your papa. I worked as an nurse's aid in a nursing home when I was in highschool. One sweet, little old lady asked me my name. "Jodi." "Goldie?" She said, "What kind of name is that? Are you a stripper?" Umm...another little lady insisted my name was Maude. When she saw me, she'd say, "There's my Maude, fresh as a daisy."

  5. Have a wonderful visit with the Birthday Boy! How blessed you all are to have such wonderful memories!


  6. HaPPy BIrtHdAY to your daddy! Hope it is a wonderful and fun filled day!

  7. It's gonna be a GREAT birthday - I've got that feeling!
    Happy Birthday to your Dad!!

  8. Have a great day you deserve it. It's not easy. Got a taste of what it's like about a year ago. The little lady in my mother-in-law's room asked me about 50 times a day, "Why am I here?" "Well how will I get my medication?" "Well where are my clothes?" "Why am I here?" and so it went. It's not easy. Take care of yourself too.

    Peg from Decatur

  9. Happy Birthday to your Dad! I got the sweetest note from Toots the other day. Give her a hug from me, too!

  10. awww happy birthday day. eat cake! that's a big day!!!

  11. Happy Birthday to your Dad!
    Nursing Home story:
    One Sunday afternoon...(our family leads a "church service" at one of local homes).
    Recently after a service, one of the resident ladies got upset with our 10 year old son....
    because he would not "find" her a telephone. He told her he did not have one.
    She told him he was mean and she was going to call the police on him.
    Older people, just like young children can be so straight forward.
    Take care,

  12. Happy Birthday to your Dad! He shares a birthday with my sweet hubby.
    Hope the day was fun for all and the hair-do was allowed in the building!

  13. Happy, happy birthday to your dad. Wow, 93! I hope he has a wonderful day and many more.

  14. Have a great day celebrating a great man!! It's been a long year for you all, I pray its a great year to come. xoxo

  15. That is one awesome smile.
    And one awesome pumpkin.

    (I prefer the smile.)

    So happy, happy day to your pops and your whole loving family.

    Indeed, there is much cause for celebration.

    And smiling.


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