Sunday, April 29, 2012

Take a seat

You may need to sit down for this.
Okay you probably already are...
but for dramatic effect,
please pretend you had to sit down.
I am taking a week-long blogging break.
Under the doctor's  my coach's orders.
My fellow bootcampers and I are doing 
the Screen Free Week challenge.
No screens from April 30th to May 6th.
No computers(unless for work),
no television,
 and no phone except for "real"phoning.
I am not too concerned with no television.
I am not even worried about no facebook
but no blogging...arggg...
My head may explode.
I have so much to say at all times...
actually Stuart may want me to explode.
His ears may bleed.
Blessedly, most of the time
 he will held as captive audience
 in a tractor cab.
Truthfully, he is about half deaf 
so he welcomes my blather.
 Fortunately for him Abbie, Annie, and Maggie live close.
They listen to me with rapt attention.
Doubters shuttie.
I can't care.
I thought about blogging in advance 
and having the blogs auto post
but then I couldn't read your comments.
No way, they are too much fun. 
I cannot miss them so I am going to go cold turkey.
I may go belly up.
I may wear an eye patch and walk with a limp.
I  may even become coherent.
Some of you may die,
but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make
 because I am a stellar student.
I will do this task.
I really do think Coach may have a point.
 No Screen Week is a good thing.
It gets families interacting...mine has no problem there.
It gets people active and off their arses couches.
It shows us where we waste time...
(where I waste your time?pffft)
I plan to re-work flower beds.
I plan to read more.
I plan to sit on the porch.
I also plan to clean nap in my little camper.
paint some chairs,
go to lunch with  friends,
do more of my bible study,
spoil my farmer,
 and get ready for a rummage sale.
  Hmm, I may need more than a week.
I can't care.
A week is the assignment.
After all, I have an obligation to my fans.
I will respond to your emails 
when I return to flop at the computer.
I will be back in a week.
If not, just wait longer.
Next blog's forecast...
a few sprinkles of genius 
with a good chance of stupid.
However, if there is a murderer/rapist on the loose
in my neck of the woods
or a tornado is coming my way...
someone please telephone me.
Carry on peeps but
remember me fondly.


  1. We will miss you, silly girl. Sounds like something I need to do for sure. I don't get much accomplished being online so much. YOu hve so much willpower. Good luck.

  2. Janie this sounds wonderful!!!
    I think you are on to something here :)
    Have a wonderful F U L L week!!
    Can't wait to hear all about it!

    Deborah xo

  3. Good for you Janie! Looking forward to hearing about the benefits of a "screen free" week. I know there will be many. Ann (But I will be watching all my shows, on the computer, Kindle, etc. so if you need updates at the end of your time-out - just ask)

  4. Good Luck !!!!

    Since I don't go out, don't have a phone (really, I don't!) and never see anyone but my boys, I would go C.R.A.Z.Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You however, have a normal life, so I know you will actually enjoy and flourish in the peace of no screens... I will miss you though!!!

    enjoy your peaceful week,

  5. i may join you. Lord knows it's a time zap. you many never come back you'll be so productive;) i'll miss you though.

  6. Oh law. This is too much.

    Dang that boot camp.

    I will be waiting.


  7. Fare thee well. (I THINK that's what I mean.)

  8. Okay I am not going to be so nice. What's up with this boot camp giving you an assignment and we are the ones taking the punishment - a whole week without your quick wit and can't cares. I am not happy!

    I hope you have a nice no screen week but please don't have so much fun that you don't come back.

    Jenny L.

  9. You crack me up lady. Every. single. time.

  10. have a great week! i will miss you!

  11. Well, you'd better have lots to say in a weeks time cuz we're all gonna be missin you!!!

  12. Oh, how I'll miss you! You'll probably come up with some pretty good blog fodder with all the spare time you'll have. I couldn't go screen-free for a week. I'm sooooo addicted to my computer, and simply must watch the evening news.

  13. I will miss your wit - but have fun. Love, sandie

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  15. Okay, week's up! Come back! It's not the same without you! Want to know what you did with all your spare time (like you have any) Ann

  16. Ooooh! I'm catching you on the end of your break! It's been almost a month since I last blogged and I'm having a hard time even thinking about a post. It's always hard for me to get back in the saddle.
    I hope you enjoyed your break and got lots accomplished, Janie!


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