Thursday, June 14, 2012

poor me

I missed the whole  Dallas premiere.
Me in my designer gown 
and stuck on a live call-in class.
It is all comfy cozy waiting on me 
in my DVR.
Tonight I hope to have the date.
If you got to view and you see me,
don't tell me anything...
even if I pursue it.
If you do, I will have to cut you.
Today I have a doctor appt.
I have a cuticle infection.
It is not lovely.
I had a hang nail,
then I gardened naked.
Well, my hands were naked.
I mean be real people.
Then, I scrubbed them with a nail brush.
 Saturday it looked red.
Sunday the unanimous diagnosis was ...yucky.
Everyone said go to the doctor.
Monday ...gross.
Tuesday I couldn't get in to the doctor. 
Wednesday I couldn't go fit an appt. in.
So I may show up today and he will call me a wuss.
I can't care. 
All the single ladies,
I wanna put a ring on it. 
My  Dallas-inspired viewing gown begs for a bauble.
However, I cannot adorn this sick digit.
For those of you who have been saying
"Gee you have had a lot of sickness this Spring."
Yes, apparently my immune system is in my fat.
AND I have admitted to being a whino.
Tear my arm off
( and I tried washing windows, remember?)
and I don't complain much
Give me a paper cut and I will gripe.
It's how I roll.


  1. Feel better...anxious to hear your Dallas comments!

  2. i didn't know a thing about this exciting event. happened to bop over and see a smidgen of it. hope your finger heals up fast. wear gloves next time girl.

  3. I missed it too and I forgot to DVR it. I had to take Pie into town to find a pair of water shoes for water day at the preschool. Took the whole dang night. Water day was today, so they had to be bought. Guess what? She woke up with a fever this morning. She missed water day. I missed Dallas. The whole thing just burns me up.

    I'm a wimp too. I have a high tolerance for pain, unless it's a tiny pain and then I'm a big baby.


  4. You have nothing to fear from me. I don't have cable or whatever is required. All we have going on here are reruns and nothing. I've been reading int he evenings.

    I'm pretty much a wuss myself, so I hurt just hearing about yours.

    Hope Dallas is double cool for you tonight!

  5. Ahhhhh, a Kindred Spirit.
    If everyone was brave & courageous how boring
    would that be?

  6. Forgot we had scaled back our Dish service. So I will not spoil the plot. Hope your finger heals quickly. I'm constantly watching my feet due to diabetes and my dislike of wearing shoes. I fear my tombstone will read "She died from stepping on a plastic dinosaur."

  7. You know those asian ladies you're always talking about that are talking about you...? Well, they always tell me, "you no pick nail...." cuz I always seem to pick a hang nail the day before I get a fill-in. I want to tell them I didnt come for a lecture, just fix em pretty! I've been a freak about cuts this summer though, there are 3 cases of flesh eating virus here in GA and they all started with a cut... scariness. Get better funny lady.

  8. this was hilarious.
    you're funny!!

    I hope that nail heals up soon....Lydia gets those at least once per year....very painful!!!!

  9. I seriously BURST OUT laughing about gardening naked! : ) I hope the Dr. can fix it today for you! Crossing my fingers and toes : )
    Have fun at your Dallas premiere : ) How exciting.


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