Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bring it!

With the season finale of Mad Men over
(and it was a let down)
I am so excited about this.

Some of you are probably saying...
"Who are they?"
Some of you are probably saying
"Oh, Tales from the Crypt."
I say "shuttie haters."
I am thrilled to catch up with JR, Sue Ellen and Bobby.
Come Wednesday night
I will be front and center with frozen blueberries
getting my SouthFork on. 

TNT Wedneday 9/8c


  1. I agree the MadMen season finale was a letdown. Oh well I won't hold it against them...it's still my favorite show. I forgot all about the new Dallas...Scott and I watched this all the time when we were newlyweds.

  2. Sadly, I do not have TNT. How unfair is that? I should probably set up a tent and occupy something, somewhere in protest. Don't you think?

  3. No cable here. Guess I'll be outside looking for some more bushes to reshape.

  4. Hoping it won't be a disappointment.

  5. Something other than talent, singing, or house hunting.....yippee. I saw them on The Today Show yesterday. Something fun to watch.

  6. I can not wait. I wonder who killed JR? HA! This is the ONLY show my Mama let me stay up to watch.

  7. You sound like m husband - he's so excited it's a bit creepy - lol ! I was never a fan, but he was enough for the two of us : D
    Enjoy !

  8. Anyone who doesn't recognize the cast of Dallas sucks for being young.
    That is all.

    See you in South Fork, friend.

  9. I'll be watching too, but no blueberries for me,
    I'll be drinking!
    (a fruit smoothie)
    Big night on the Bayou!

  10. I always have to wait and watch madmen when it comes out on netflix...and believe me, I've been waiting :) Happy SouthFork watching. I need cable! (ok, maybe not need, but you know)

  11. Oh man, I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt let down by Mad Men finale. I was left thinking, "what the heck?". Not sure if I can handle Dallas again. It was huge when I was a teen and early 20-something, I never got hooked, but my mom was and I know if she were still here she would be glued to the set watching ole JR again. Ann

  12. Okay Janie, you've given me the courage to fess up. This is where I take a deep beath and admit my slight addiction to the Walking Dead. Don't tell anyone. Haters gonna hate.


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