Saturday, June 9, 2012

One year later...

Today, June 9th
marks one year since Ollie had her 
open heart surgery.
It is an emotional day for us.
A year ago we were scared.
We trusted God
and put her into the hands of a surgeon.
It was a hard day for her parents.
It was a hard day for the parents
of those parents.
Truly, it was one of the hardest things 
I have ever had to do.
I couldn't fix it for my kid.
But Jesus did!
He gave that surgeon the knowledge and skills required.
He held us while we waited.
He gave us strength while we watched our baby moan in pain.
He listened to our prayers and  
he never left us.
Today, we cooked the ribs for our fundraiser.
Tomorrow, we celebrate with a bunch of our family.
What a difference a year makes!
I am so glad Jesus loves me.
I am so glad I know it.
I am so glad he showed me even more depths of his love 
through the gift of our sweet little Ollie.
I am so glad for all of you too.
 Thank you for your love and support.
Thank you for loving this sweet baby 
right along with our family.
Words can never express how much
 it all means to us.

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  1. What an awesome power He is...bogles my mind and weakens my knees just thinking about it. Blessings to you and all of your family, Miss Janie. (and that picture of Ollie just oozes personality and joy!)

  2. Happy Heart Day to Ollie and her entire family! The way your family hangs together and weathers the good and bad times with faith & hope is a huge credit to your (and my) Jesus!

    ...Funny how much you can come to love and appreciate someone you've never met.... ♥ you, Janie!

  3. oh praise Jesus for His sweet mercies!!! rejoicing with you. and if she isn't the cutest little girl, i don't know who is!

  4. What a happy happy day! So thankful for a Lord who loves us so so much and knows how to meet each of our needs. Ollie is such a cutie pie! What a sweet happy girl :)

  5. Happy Day.......God is good. How sweet is that little Ollie. Love her chubiness.

  6. JOY!!! She is adorable and blessed as much to be in your loving family as you are blessed to have her.

  7. Janie, that beautiful girl is indeed a living miracle. She just radiates happiness and joy - and good health. Ann

  8. She is positively the most adorable darling ever.

  9. so happy for you and your family. what a sweet baby...

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  11. Wonderful post about a beautiful girl and her precious little heart. You people rock with your love for each other!! Oh and the part about "I couldn't fix it for my kid" - ain't that the truth? It's a pain only a parent can feel.

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