Monday, June 4, 2012

A weekend in pictures

Stuart and I hit St. Louis on Friday evening.
Dinner out and a little shopping.
Saturday we met the kids at
the City Museum.
We played like kids and 
we got lots of snuggles in.

And I didn't even pee a little!

Yuck..I took her straight to the Purel.

 I looked out from a third story window. 
Who, but Everett was climbing up there.
He knows no fear.
 I may have peed a little.

We rested up a bit and then went to dinner.

Caroline used my phone to capture the meal.
with a 2 year old's perspective.

Baby butt in skinny jeans.

Her mom and daddy.

We took a carriage ride after supper.
Stuart wasn't keen on the idea of a carriage in traffic.
We girls and kids all loaded up and the horse took off.
Annie yelled "we don't have a driver!"
Before I could go all Calamity Jane and
ride the rig to a standstill ,
the slacker driver ran up alongside
 and caught us just as we rammed into the wheel
of the carriage in front of us.
It was fine.
We were fine.
We all did our princess's wave 
throughout the ride.

Sunday, we headed to the Down Syndrome event.
Step Up for DS

It was wonderful.
There were bouncy houses,

face painting, 

Or hand painting if you are tough.
Kitties are tough when on your hand.

arts and crafts,
a bubble bus,

free food and drinks,
 and of course the walk.

Stuart should have sat this one out.
His ankle was pretty sore.
He was starting to hobble by the end.

We had lots of family time
and raised money for Ollie's cause.

Thank you to all who sponsored us.
 I am a blessed and happy girl!

* UPDATE:  We are sold out on ribs!! Thanks all!!

We had 100 racks of ribs to sell...
we have about 17 left. 
If you are local and interested
it is $22 for a rack or $100 for 5 racks
Each rack feeds between 3-4.
They come prepared and wrapped to be eaten immediately
or frozen with re-heating instructions..
Email or call me A.S.A.P.
Sorry to keep rubbing you un-local's noses in it.
(Joy you can hit me later)


  1. You might know I have baked spaghetti in the crock pot and you're over here slinging ribs in my face again.


    Aside from that- I really want to ride in that carriage with y'all. That would be hilarious.


  2. What a great weekend with your family! Hope his ankle is better.

  3. Now this is what Family is all about! Looks like a full & memorable day for all ages.
    (Poor Stu. I have developed a sincere case of ankle-sympathy.)

  4. Love how close your family is. Great weekend for a great cause,

  5. Look at the entire gorgeous family - but where were you Janie?!?! There is a younger, sleek, gorgeous woman hanging onto your husband. Hold on, now that I look closer... it's you! It looks like it was a great weekend capped off with the successful walk. Hope that new woman of your hubby's put some ice on that ankle. Ann

  6. I love how close your family you work and play together. And you're lookin' FINE, Janiekins!

  7. What a beautiful family you have. I love that you were able to have such a special weekend. I love people that make a difference in the world. It looks like you are a family that fully embraces that concept! Love it so much : )

  8. Your grandkids are absolutely beautiful! Sounds like a busy (but wonderful!) weekend! :)

  9. Oh, Ollie's Faithful Hearts...
    That is some serious awesomeness right there.

    Love and commitment and strength and generosity.
    A cause for celebration, indeed.

    p.s. I also kind of adore the fact that you filled us in on your bladder-control. But that's just me.

  10. It is SO fun to draw and paint! I just started to draw faces this year! :) and I hope I'll never stop.. I have to paint or draw or both, every day..
    henna tattoos

  11. You never "barely" do anything - you are an "all or nothing" kind a girl, and I love that. Your family looked adorable in the blue tee shirts. Way to go!! *fist bump to the entire family.

  12. Woah - that museum looks crazy fun! And I am super envious of the bouncy slides.


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