Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Dear Dad,

     It has been a tough year this year.  Alzheimer's has changed our relationship. It is a thief that has stolen so much but it can't steal our love. I feel so blessed to be able to come hold these hands. 

These hands that worked so hard to make my life a happy and fun one. You inspire me to work hard and to love even harder. You loved Mom like a husband should. You taught me to work for what you want and treasure it once you get it. You worked the land and took care of your family.Thanks for setting the bar high so when I went looking for a husband and the father of my children I knew what to find.  
Happy Father's Day Dad!! I love you so.



  1. I am so sorry he has to suffer through that disease.

    What a sweet tribute to a wonderful man - your father. Love, sandie

  2. Loving on your dad, such joy. Even in the heartache you see the joy. Sounds like you're being the kind of daughter he raised.

  3. Oh the memories that this brings up. I miss my Dad so much today. He has been gone 7 years now. Even with this same illness there were good memories of this time. ((((((HUGS))))) to you as you go through this.

  4. Your beautiful heart honors his beautiful hands, Janie. I'm looking forward to sharing dinner with my dad today. He seemed so thrilled when I asked if he and mother could make it over to our place today....'Twill be interesting to see if my mother knows where she is when she gets here :)

  5. That was beautiful, Janie. I took flowers to my dad and mom at the cemetery this morning. They're side-by-side.

  6. Happy Father's Day to your dad, Janie and to your husband too! Ann

  7. I have held those same hands. The hands once leathered and calloused from many hard days of work, now grown soft and smooth by inactivity. They are special hands and you will always remember them. Precious "time".

  8. What a beautiful post to your Dad, Janie. Iknow how difficult it is and I believe he feels your love and pride when you are with him.

  9. A lovely (and love-filled) tribute.

    Your commitment to him in the face of this challenge speaks volumes about the father he is to you...
    about the daughter you are.


  10. Such relationships between a father and his daughter are wonderful.

  11. Blessings to you both.... You are great people and inspire so many. I never had what you did but pray my kids will feel as you do,,,
    (((hugs))) n lotsa love

  12. My mom struggled really hard when her mother had Alzheimer. It's very common for many people to deal with.


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