Saturday, June 16, 2012

My review

In case you were hanging...
I got pills from the doctor.
My finger is healing pretty fast now.
I was a bit disappointed when my inquiry
of needed bed rest was denied.
He didn't deem it necessary.
Pfft  Dr. Chuckles.
In other news,
I have seen the Dallas premiere.
I have this to say.
1. Jesse Metcalfe is the new John Hamm.
2. Charlene Tilton...what the what? Same hair, same wardrobe...may not be working for her.

3. Regardless of Stuart's and by bff Michelle's insistence ...Larry Hagman is not dead. He is alive and kicking with mustaches above each eye.
4. I still want to live at South Fork.
5.  Linda Gray is 71. She is rocking the same hair and she is pulling it off. Weird teeth though... like me, she has chipmunk chompers. She could afford to have veneers though. To which I say why not spend that oil money?? 

If you don't have cable or satellite you can view at

The rest of my weekend is going to be busy.
A date with my farmer, hand holding with my dad,
and pool time with my grands.
I hope you have lots of fun in store too.
Have a great one friends!!


  1. Laughed at JR's eyebrows. Ick. What the sound off a bit when you watched it...the words not matching up with the lip movement? Mine was and I had to stop....makes me nuts!
    Have a great weekend enjoy those closest to you...sounds fabulous!

  2. I completely missed that Charlene Tilton was on that episode. I'm going to have to go back and rewatch it.
    Linda Gray looks exactly like she did the first go-round. I had no idea she was in her 70's!

  3. Well, thanks for the tip about! After we do the home/garden walk this afternoon, G. wants to watch a pretty important golf tournament. I think I'll cool off with tnt. Glad your finger is healing. Sorry about the lack of sympathy from Dr. Chuckles.

  4. I saw it too - there was something I liked and something I didn't like about it. Good review. sandie

  5. You are so funny. I loved the new Dallas. So confusing though. Lots of greed. I think I have most of it figured out except......Christopher's wife and brother. Who are they and what are they trying to do. Poor Bobby, he and his wife are the only honest ones and he is dying. Did you know that is his real wife.
    Rest your finger. Good that you went to the doctor.
    I am still resting my pride after my ordeal this week.

  6. Thanks for the tip...I was disappointed that Dallas was not on any of the channels that I get. Glad your finger is better, I say take the bed can never be too careful.

  7. I was over at Tara's and saw you lost 40 lbs!!
    WAY to go..I am applauding you...
    I grew up watching Dallas..I haven't watched the new one yet.

    I am so busy watching the Kardashians, Dance Moms, OC Housewives
    and Junk Gypsy'

    loved your daddy letter too.....xoxo


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