Monday, July 16, 2012

What I Know For Sure 24th Edition

1. 24 editions of WIKFS means I must know more than we all thought. I am not an idiot. I just play one for Jackie's amusement.

2. Scoring $90 sandals in a clearance sale for $40 is a good thing.
It leaves me extra moolah for the band-aids to treat the blisters they cause. 

3. July in IL makes me truly understand Stuart's colloquialism "People in hell want ice water".

4. Katie Holmes finally quit drinking the Koolaid.

5. J Lo and Steven Tyler are both leaving American Idol.
The only saving grace for Fox that I can foresee is to replace them with  Kim Kardashian and Bruce Jenner. She covers the loss of the  big booty and he fills in the spot of old dude who looks like a lady.

6. Charlie Sheen has a new show in the fall line-up. I can't care.

7.  When I am frightened by a snake in the yard I scream sounding much the same as a twelve year old boy.

8. Don't take your good health for granted. They don't make pills for everything.

9. I love when I hear little kids singing while they are playing.
I sing while I work. I sing like a rabbit caught in a trap. Now I know where my grand daughter Aubrie gets her vocal talent.

10.  An Andy Griffith marathon is balm to my soul.

11. A Sunday morning flea market/antique show is a good reason to leave home before 6.Getting up at 3:40 out of excitement and anticipation for a flea market is a great way to assure you will have the face to get a senior discount admittance without even trying. Discovering there is no senior discount admittance at the flea market makes you re-think your sleep deprivation and avoid mirrors.

12. I didn't sleep but I did snag a sweet glider. Jealous much??

13. Buying three anteater vacuums is cheaper and much more fun than calling Terminix. They even have a storage compartment with a magnifying glass that disengages so you can examine your catch.

14. I recently gave myself the Native American name, Woman Dragging Hose. I then changed it to Woman Cussing Hose. 

15. My genius husband suggested buying soaker hoses. Some problems you can throw money at. 

16. I have forgotten to purchase soaker hoses 3 times when I visited the store. I need to put it on a shopping list and then write it on my hand. That would also be genius.

17. Throwing a "mustache bash" baby shower for Abbie and having her cry while thanking everyone makes me happy. Gotta love a raging hormone.

18. Hanging with my homies is the best time ever.

19. Given my dead hormones I could probably grow the real 'stache in a week. #damnyoudeadestrogen

 20. I still don't Twitter but I do love to hashtag everything.

( Blogger is jacked up. I have a misspelling at the bottom of the page and I cannot get it to scan up so I can delete this or the huge gap. The comment box is way down there too!))

bigfbig booty and


  1. The thing about the dead hormones and the facial hair is this: Why does all of that happen at the same time our eyesight goes all to crap? I hate it when I can feel the darned hairs but can't find them with the tweezers to save my life.

    You should get on the Twitter. #boyhowdywe'dhavesomefunthen

  2. I swear you have the biggest funny bone ever. I may have almost wet my pants laughing.

    That glider is swoony.


  3. i love that the typo is "bigfbig booty and." Ridic. thanks for posting my teary picture...on the up and up, looks like maggie may have been crying too, so I can't care that I have no control over my emotions at this point. also cried this morning while reading what everyone wrote in his books. I believe i know how to start the day off right :)

  4. I have all the symptoms of Glider-Envy. And are those RED bottles on that bottle tree (and if so, where did you get them)?

    And re. Idol, stranger things have happened than Kim & Bruce filling the judges' chairs. Eeeeeeek.

    Re. the mustache thing, I've decided to stick with my 5-year-old eye glasses prescription. They keep me from seeing my own 'stache, the stragglers on my legs, and who knows WHAT else?

    Is that your ONLY tatoo? Just curious.

  5. 1. Those calves are are cute.
    2. Glider envy...yup
    3. quitting the kool aid----'bout time.
    4. Love the mustache theme....perfection.
    5. Blogger and spaces...HATE that and can't figure it out either!
    6. Happy Monday!

  6. Dang girl..... Look at your legs!! Nice.

    Love the glider =)

  7. Love your bottle tree and red bottles!! Did you make it or store bought? I'm like Rebecca, tell us more!!! The glider is very nice too:)

  8. #4 made me laugh out loud. seriously, what was she thinking in the first place.

    and CUTE party! you guys rocked those mustaches.

  9. So many things to say about this! #4 and #6 AMEN! #13...I need one of those. We are dealing with those little critters right now. #antsarethedeathofme. I am not a tweeter, or twitterer or twit whatever, but I hashtag constantly #cuziamhiplikethat.

  10. LOVE these lists! I wish you had a "like" button next to each so I could click on my faves! (4,5,8 & 10 in case you wondered!) ;-) Love the glider and totally love the mustache shower!

  11. Love your are so funny. You have such a good time.

  12. girl you crack me up SO much! are those your sexy calves?? hmmmm jealous much is right?? i'm in love with you you know. you make me smile to my tipping toes. oh and lovin that slider...jealous STILL. and the patio looks a-maz-ing.

  13. What a way to start my Monday- you crack me up- and are an inspiration for those of us who have just joined the LL fun!!

  14. This cracked me up..... thanks!

  15. You are hysterical... so funny. I love that.

  16. Love the shoes . . . hate the blisters :O)

  17. you crack me up!! I love how you say "I can't care"

  18. Man your calf muscles are great. You are so funny. How are you doing now that boot camp is over? Sunday we went to a potluck yee gads.
    I LOVE your friends turquoise mesh sweater with the hoodie. I am seriously in a state of coveting.

  19. serious glider envy here. just so ya know.
    and love the 'staches. good for all of you.

  20. I was at "Tales from the coopkeeper" and read her comments and you said you may close your blog and i'm here to say, please don't!! Your blog and hers and Flower Patch Farmgirl are my favorites!!! So please continue with your everyday wonderfullness....because....."I can care"!!!
    Lisa in Alabama

  21. Look at those calves!!! You rock, woman. I was just getting attached to JLo and What's His Name, now I will be totally thrown for a loop. I'm wondering who will drink the Koolaid next, but I really could care less. Not true, I'm interested.

    In solidarity growing a mustache, Ann

  22. I agree with others: I am jealous of your calves. You look amazing. Also, please do not close your blog. I enjoy your writing so much. You make me laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time.
    -julia (seattle)

  23. Those are Motel 6 shoes if I ever did see them. :-D


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