Monday, July 9, 2012

Like mother, like daughter and I need a hormone.

This past weekend there was a special event for our family.
My dad's youngest brother, Uncle Jimmy
 had a birthday.
His kids threw a bash to celebrate
his birthday on July 7th.
He was born on the 7th day of the 7th month.
He was the 7th son.
This year he was 77 years old.
Now that calls for a party. 
Unless the number 7 scares you.

 (thanks cuz, I stole this from facebook)

There was cake and ice cream.
I was a bit disappointed.
I thought there might be 7-layer salad and
 Seagrams's 7 and 7UP to drink.
Now that'd be a party.
I don't care where you are 
there's nothing like the combination of 
liquor, lettuce, and elderly relatives 
to make a shindig come alive.
On second thought 
cake and iced tea made more sense.

 I took my camera and my grand daughter Penelope.

Her sister, Caroline had a date with her mom
to view the movie Brave.
I picked up my mom, Toots
and we headed out.
It was a cool 104 degrees.
We visited with the family and had a great time.
When I was about half way home my niece, Ellen called me.
She was supposed to give me a package 
that I had asked her to bring to the party.
She remembered after we had gone our separate ways.
We both forgot about it even though
we discussed it before we got there.
We blamed the heat and our heredity.
After I got home,
my mom called and said I had left my cell phone
at the party and my cousin would drop it at Jackie's.
I busted out laughing.
I said "it isn't just called me on my cell."
She was tickled at herself
and went to call my cousin back.
I had to call Ellen and tell her 
what a goof Mom was.
"Haha" we cackled at her silliness.
"We get it honest" blah blah blah.
"Oh and the heat, oh yeah" hehehehe
As soon as I hang up 
Mom called again.
"It isn't your cell phone... it is your camera."
Hello Pot, this is Kettle.
 The bad news is I forgot to take pictures at the party.
The good news is I did remember the baby.


  1. I swear my insides hurt from laughing at you.

    What in the world? How did you get all the funny genes and I got squat?

    Law.... I have to go pee before you write anything else.

  2. Sounds like it's time to send your brain to boot camp!
    Is that line "pot....kettle" original with you? If so, you really should get it patented. It's hilarious. I want to USE it.
    It really IS a good thing you remembered the baby.

  3. lad you remembered the baby. So funny.

  4. Wonder if we are related...sounds, VERY familiar.

  5. classic Janie here. I identify with much of this too. Love the liquor lettuce line too . Am on my way to a family reunion, one I'm looking forward to and this story just ups the anticipation.

  6. Good heavens Janie. I won't go ANYWHERE if it's 104. So far that's only happened ONCE in my big long long life, but still.
    (your blog posts need to have a 'depends' warning. like, reading this post depends on whether or not i am wearing "Depends".)

  7. So what was the problem? Sounds like a typical day in my life - except for that sweet baby. Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most. Ann

  8. I love you Janie, you make me feel so normal. Honest truth. . . I bring my coffee mug with my scotch and soda to every family function, the funniest is when they comment how Nancy is such the coffee drinker, lol. . . makes me laugh every time. . .I don't think my family reads you Ö

  9. Janie!
    My daughter's birthday is 7/7.
    She turned 30.
    I'm not that old...really, I'm not.

  10. Someone actually lets you care for their baby?! LOL
    You are crazy and I love how you look at the world.
    BTW, Penelope is such a pretty baby!!

  11. Enjoyed my giggles and feel your fuzziness. Way to get family safely delivered to the correct places tho! We got a bunch o birthdays (mine included) starting today and running for the next month. Please pray I don't give Grandma the remote controlled race car and the boy the dish towels about wine! ;-P

  12. Oh, girl, how I've missed you! I may have to raise a 7 and 7 in your honor this weekend.

  13. hey Girl...just catching up! Congrats on the super boot camp experience!...just wanted to let you know I got a spam? e-mail from you the other might want to check it out...sounds like all is well..wish I never ever would have given up my hormones!!


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