Thursday, July 5, 2012

A winner and a shallow opinion

The winner was announced for bootcamp 
and it was my friend Jen.
The one I told you about.
She lost 70 lbs in 20 weeks.
She is an inspiration.
I am thrilled for her.
I got an  honorable mention.
Hells yeah!
The best part is my Stuart gave me a 
sizable check for my charities.
42 pounds lost and a man who loves me
and knows what is most important.
See, I did win! 

In other news 
I am in love with the new Dallas.
I have but one question to ask...
what is with the weird eye situations??
Suellen has some kind of growth 
 by her one eye that is not being hidden by her bangs
no matter  how hard she tries.
Christopher's wife has a large scar between her brows
 She is beautiful but it is distracting.
Then of course,
JR with the two white kittens he is using as brows.
On top of all that, throw in Cliff Barnes with
his eyes that look like 2 burnt holes in a blanket.  

It is disturbing me.
Am I the only one?
Call me petty,
but I am just keeping it real folks.
I mean there is a huge pool of great looking actors  
who would probably would love to be on this show.
Lucky for TNT
they have Christopher.
He is  their saving grace.

Can I get an amen?


  1. I am laughing so hard!

    I have not even seen one single episode yet.

    Law. For shame.

    You are hilarious.

    Also, I am so quite very much proud of you and Stew. You should keep that guy. Amen.


  2. Ok - true story - I scroll down and saw SueEllen - and it frightened me. Next thought 'oh dear God - it's gonna happen to me too - oh dear God - I'm gonna die one day' HA HA! Thanks Janie.

    You redeemed yourself with this choice, delicious Christopher. I need to watch more TV apparently.

    Let's see - you have Stu, you lost 42lbs, and you are close friends with the greatest human that has ever lived. Girl - it's a win win win.

  3. Here's a quiet "Amen".
    I'm having a very shallow day too.
    Come over and visit my blog today
    and you'll see what I mean.

    Congrat's on your weight loss.
    If it couldn't be me,
    I'm glad it's you.
    How shallow do you want me to be?

  4. Forget Suellen's eyes....I feel bad about her neck.

  5. Kudos to your Stu/Congrats to your friend Jen (and you, of course)!

    Re. the Dallas situation: Amen! As a disclaimer, I checked my PERSONAL eye "situation" and think I really MUST get to an eye doctor since my glass don't allow me to properly assess my brows, scars, etc. (I DO know for a fact that I don't wear enough eye makeup to look like Suellen though....bless her heart.)

  6. Haha! I am not watching, mainly because I wasn't a fan of the original, but used to watch it sometimes with my mom. It's been so long, I'm surprised they used so many of the original cast. Hi-Def can be cruel, it shows EVERYTHING. That's why I don't display my talents on TV or the big screen.

    Yay for your friend Jen - and you too! What wonderful accomplishment. I know your entire family is proud of you! Ann

    P.S. I actually get my fill of plastic faces, weird eye sockets, plumped lips due to my addiction to the Real Housewives from various areas. And they are supposedly real people! Hey, if I got paid what Linda Grey makes, I wouldn't mind my eye-thingy showing.

  7. AMEN!! Thought Iwas the only one noticing the weird eye thing...

    CONGRATS on your completion of Boot Camp and how great you feel! And Way To Go Stu- a wonderful way to help the love of your life celebrate!

  8. You are a winner to us, Janie! And Amen, brother, on your "eyes" post.

  9. Janie, Congrats on your accomplishments! The new Dallas? I had no idea. We were so addicted to the old Dallas back in the day- always recording on the VCR and all of the who shot JR business and the dream season...oh my. I miss "old" tv! xo, Cheryl

  10. You'll still the winner in my eyes . . . . that last pic, oh my :O)

  11. oh and you need to change your banner...profile. you don't look like that anymore;)

  12. "Two white kittens he is using as brows." You kill me! I think they left them like that so he would look evil. I used to watch Dallas in the good old days, but I don't really like soap opera-type shows now because they never let anything be calm and peaceful for 1 minute. The couple everybody is rooting for gets together and a minute later one of them is sick, or cheating on the other, in a fire, car wreck, etc. It is too much for my old brain.

    This is late for your post from yesterday but you look FABULOUS!

    Jenny L.

  13. Amen he is cutie - but how can you have Dallas without the original characters!? lol sandie

  14. You do have a way with words woman! Love your kittens knittin...
    CONGRATULATIONS again for your great success and also THANK YOU for posting about it!
    I am on day 4, posted about it today and can't believe how eye opening it all is already.
    I am exhausted my brains are scrambled like egg whites, but it is the happiest brain scramble I have had in quite some time.
    Any favorite recipes or snacks you want to share?

  15. I'll give an a MEN to that MAN.


    (And the white kittens? Hilarious. For real.)

  16. Being in BootCamp with you and seeing your success and transformation has made me so happy, Janie! The Dallas info...I will be able to look at nothing else, now!

  17. AND..I forgot. Your husband is the best!


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