Saturday, July 28, 2012

Grooming Athletes

I have been down in the back for part of the week.
I wounded myself carrying tubs for the mustache bash 
and then escalated the situation
 with a poor attempt at some kick boxing.
Tuesday I went to lunch
 with my mom, sisters, and daughters.
When we were leaving 
I thought my leg was asleep 
from sitting too long with it crossed.
Later in the day,
 I declared my left sandal was too big 
and I now despised it 
because it flopped when I walked.
Only hours later
after I had showered 
and was greasing up my trunks
did I realize my left calf was numb
and so was the top of that foot.
Captain Observant I am not.
Dr. Abbie has adjusted me.
She has diagnosed 
it is my L5 that is ticked off.
Or Elle Five as I like to call it
because I feel like a woman.
She informed me as the inflammation lessens
the numbness will subside
and pain will start in my low back.
Yup, it has. 
That is why I pay her the big bucks.
Well actually I don't pay her but 
you get my drift.
 I have had to back off parts of my training.
Training for the Olympics, that is. 
My girls and I are gymnastic fans.
It comes from the old HS cheer days.
We like to think of ourselves as retired 
but still able to perform if we inclined to.
Shuttie and give us that.
When they were young
we would gather in front of the TV
with score pads and judge the Miss USA pageant.
If there was a gymnast in the talent portion
that contestant got huge props. 
We have a soft spot for the sport
and judging the participants.
We also are huge Cirque du Soleil fans.
Give us somebody in a leotard in a freak position
and we will pay big bucks to observe.
I am hoping to pass this love on to the littles.
Possibly one day we will have some tumblers
or even some true acrobats.

We are not ones to let a small thing like back jack
stand in our way of preparation.
Plus our uniforms are super fly.


  1. Ouch! Doesn't it hurt when you laugh?!??! Glad you've got professional help at your finger-tips (or at your Elle Fives). Hope relief is just around the corner.

  2. ...and I hope your back feels better soon!

  3. I'm wondering if you're gonna be able to get up off the floor. ?????

  4. Man hurting your back is a bummer. Major bummer. ICE yes yes yes and give it time ok?!?!
    Your joking around but I have been there and done that and whammo it sure can change your life. If you go to the gym you might see if they have a chair areoibs or pool.
    I saw one of your commenters said something about getting up off the floor but I think those hairy legs belong to your man.
    Don't get on the floor sis.

  5. Hoping your back settles down, but had to laugh my way through the post- love that you are not afraid to admit to things like thinking you could just step back in to those cheerleader outfits and kicks at the drop of a hat!!

  6. I hope you are resting that Elle Five. Ouch. Not good about the numbness or the pain. Feel better.


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