Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Perspective in a Paper Cup

Sunday Maggie, Abbie, and I
loaded up early in the a-yem
and headed north to IKEA.
It is about 3.5 hours north of us.
Maggie needed some things
for the new house that is being constructed.
Abbie needed goods for her new chiro practice office.
I needed stuff wanted to go.
I am more of a flea market girl
but any chance to road trip with my peeps
is a treat I don't wanna miss.
Maggie got dishes, curtains, light fixtures,
a bathroom sink, and a sweet daybed for Caroline.

Abbie got some desk chairs, carts,
and desk supplies.
I got some  dish towels, kids' dishes,
and kids' toys.

We loaded up and headed to lunch about 2:30.
We found a Mongolian Grill
just around the corner.
You pick you noodles or rice,
meat, veggies, sauce,
dump it all in a bowl
and they cook it up on a huge grill
while you watch.
I was thrilled.
I skipped the noodles/rice
got chicken and lots of veggies.
I picked black bean and another sauce 
that I thought looked
healthy and tasty. 
Then you can add in spices.
I decided to put in a bit of red chile flakes
since I like a bit of heat.
I intended to sprinkle
and ended up with more of a dump.
Holy fire in the hole.
It was hotter than 7 hells.
I ate about half
while complaining the whole time
"why didn't I just get teriyaki?
I like teriyaki."
I may have gritched about it for most of the meal.
Mag's pal texted whole we were at lunch and asked if
we could get him a couple of lights 
while we were at IKEA.
We said sure ...we would go back. 
After getting his lights
I told the girls
I was getting a $1 frozen yogurt
to extinguish the raging inferno 
going on in my cake hole.
We all got a drink
and Maggie got a cinnamon bun.
When leaving,
I wanted my picture by the sign.
I wanted to do that fancy photographer look
where it appears like you are holding something up.
Maggie balanced the cart and the refreshments
and Abbie tried to get a good picture.
It required me on tippy toes
and a few tries.

Not as epic as I had hoped.
You probably need a fancy photographer
and a fancy subject.
I can't care.
I may have looked like a dork
but lucky for me
I was not the only act.
There was a family
assembling an entire dining table,
 chairs and bed
in the parking lot.
I am not sure if they lived in their car or not 
but if so, I am pretty sure they had too big of a bed.
I jest.
I am not sure what their plan was
but they had a mess of kids
and a small trailer behind their van.
It looked like an awesome cool time.
We headed south and I sipped my soda.
I don't drink diet pop much
so I thought maybe it didn't taste good
because I am not used to it.
I said " my pop tastes bad."
Maggie said "mine tastes like 
it doesn't have enough syrup in it."
I said " yeah, you're right...mine tastes like too much carbonation
and not enough syrup"
Abbie said "mine tastes like
a comfortable American life with no real reason to complain." 
Cracked me flat up.
Amen sister.


  1. Are you standing on your tippy-toes to hold up the Ikea sign (or are you wearing some little stacked heels)?

    Sounds like a happy outing with a little adventure thrown in...

    (I was just going to ask about how the new house construction is going. Sounds like they might be moving in before Christmas??????

  2. What fun you gals had!! So when do we get to see a tour of the on-going house construction????

  3. That sounds like a great time...if it's anything like when my mom and 2 sisters go on a road trip I bet you couldn't get a word in edgeways in the van...we talk..a lot.

  4. You look beautiful and oh so skinny!

  5. "out of the mouths of babes". such a wise daughter you have. she musta been raised by some wise people.

  6. You forgot the key word. A comfortable American LIFE with no reason to complain. If it tastes like a comfortable American with no reason to complain, we should be worried that Abbie is a canabal. How can you complain when you are a dead American? Fun times. Delicious nachos.

  7. haha I fixed it sis. I forgot about you and your nachos. Because the one eating them was nachomother! LOL

  8. I just soaked up every word. IKEA. Shopping. Eating out. Yogurt. Law Janie. You had my fun day.

    Next time I'm coming too dang it.


  9. First of all, you are looking so good....so fit and thin.
    I love that ruffled white lamp.
    You have that van packed up for sure. I have been to Ikea a couple times in Colorado. I couldn't buy much since I had to fly home. It is a fun place.
    Abbie had a perfect comment. So many complain about everything.

  10. I really like this post. Great pic in my uneducated photo taker view. Yes: Truly no reason to complain...Smart one :)

  11. Love your blouse...you look fantastic! I have never been to an Ikea...GASP! What a fun day you had!

  12. You look amazing (and so strong!) Can't wait until I am rockin' leggins too! Love that you have so much fun with your girls:)

  13. Love reading your blog!
    I think you look great "holding up" the sign.
    I need to remember to do that sometime...
    I don't have an Ikea near me...so I've never been to one...but will "have to" some time.
    Take care,
    BTW...you look great and young...too young to have "grown up daughters"! ;~)

  14. You look sensational!! I'm jealous...and lazy. Pray for me!

  15. Hello Janie, Any time I get a chance to be with my kids . . . it's a definite yes :O) It easy to buy at Ikea, isn't it. I agree, cute top and you look so thin . . . lucky you. I'm glad you are enjoying the doll too . . . have fun with her, they're so easy to stick anywhere for cuteness. Blessings, Sandy

  16. OMG BFF... (Does this make me seem like a hip, young texter? ;-P ) I was just at Ikea Tues! It's 1+ hrs from me but sooo worth it. We're tryin to plan a kitchen for a flip (or rent - worst case) investment house we bought in June. LOVE Ikea. But you lost me on leaving for lunch. I like Mongolian grill but need no more heat in my world right now. Must admit I actually like Ikea food. Kids eat free Tues - whoee and can I get an AMEN on the kiddie land daycare? My little heathens said ladies just yelled the whole time and wouldn't let them swim in the ballpit tho. K, I've been reading hubs all your posts and telling him I need a vaykay westward where he can admire the black dirt n I can talk junk with you! Leave a light on...
    ps- you r no dork. You look STRONG n HIP!

  17. Oh, IKEA. I'll be there in October.
    Sunday I'll be at a flea market, which I do like the best.

  18. I heart Aibie. I seriously LOL'd. Come quickly sweet Janie. I need thee.

  19. Nice to see you buying healthy food. You go girl.


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