Sunday, September 9, 2012

Little Big Head is here

Clifford Stuart made his arrival this morning.
He took his sweet time. 
Abbie blogged about it here.
I had a blog written and lost it.
I have been gone since Friday morning
and I am just too tired to re-do it.
I am thankful to be in my home.
This was an amazing weekend.
Baby Cliff weighed in at a whopping
10 lbs. 14 oz.
He is 22 inches long.
He is half grown and absolutely gorgeous.
 Caroline says
"he is the bomb-dickery"
and he truly is.

Best Grandparent's Day gift ever.
Thanks for all your prayers.
God is so good.


  1. What a beautiful baby boy! And he looks very much like Caroline, I think. Congratulations to the whole family! Ann

  2. what a handsome cutie. Congratulations to all of you.

  3. Look at him. So alert. Absolutely adorable. Go to bed girl. You've had a day or 3! ;)

  4. What a little doll . . . welcome to this crazy world Clifford Stuart. God Bless You little one :O)

  5. wow! he looks so wise already!! what a beautiful child!! love the name - sounds strong!!

  6. Showed Jim Cliff's picture, and he said: "Look at the hair! He looks like he's 18!" And he kinda does, but durn if he ain't gorgeous! Happy Grandparents' Day!

  7. Such a beautiful baby! I can't get over the hair and how alert he looks! Congratulations to you all!!

  8. Wow, Cliff is a beaut! He looks so wise, and adorable...and that hair, he makes all other babies jealous.

  9. He looks like a little boy already. What a fantastic ending to the, sleep. :-)

  10. Oh goodness.... he's absolutely adorable.

    Off to read Abbie's post.

    "bomb-dickery" ha!! Love it!

  11. Better rest up, Cliff may be needing his grandma. I have been reading your daughte's blog. This big guy is adorable. Born with a Justin haircut and so big. My daughter was three weeks late. Around her due date the baby had been engaged and popped back out. Still she labored and labored. They finally ecided to do a C-section has the baby couldn't fit. Geez, why do they wait so long. Anyways, he's a keeper for sure. Loving that hair.

  12. My goodness, he looks ready to start kindergarten. What a big boy!

  13. Congratulations, Janie! I've been hanging on to every update waiting to hear this news. He's absolutely beautiful!!! Best to you & your whole family.

  14. Congratulations!!!! So happy for you all. He is sooo beautiful. Im all misty. Maybe Ill get to meet him one day when I call you on that offer...

  15. Oh my goodness! He is so very handsome! You are one blessed lady. But you already know that.

  16. Congratulations. He's a heart breaker!! and that hair makes me swoon!

  17. He is just beautiful! Love all that lovely hair!

  18. Egads! I cannot believe he's a newborn. The handsome lad looks like he's on the verge of speech.

  19. your not kidding half grown!!! He is gorgeous and looks like a little boy already, there is nothing like it is there, a new baby.

  20. great day...he is a 3 month old!!!

    When we brought Lydia home from China at 10.5 months, she weighed 14 lbs. CRAZY that your new sweet boy weighed a whopping hubby weighed 10.7, which is why my first born weighed 9.6, I'm sure. Lets just say my body has never been the same...but SO worth it!


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