Friday, October 26, 2012

All is well

Hello everyone!
Many of you have emailed me with concerns.
"why are you not talking??"
My laptop died.
The desktop doesn't do wifi
and there is no way I could do it on my phone.
I messed around with the old laptop
and finally conceded it was not to be fixed.
I got a new one this week.
Life is good.
I have been busy living life
and not taking time to write about it.
I jotted some things down to blog about
but never got around to it.
Lots went down.
Ollie was honored at a Cardinals game for
our family's fundraising efforts for
The Greater St. Louis Down Syndrome Assn.
Over 30 of us attended and walked around the field.
The fall pranking was a hilarious success
with us in full-on costumes.
Harvest is complete.
The Coopkeeper came for a couple of days
and got to help finish the last field.
Jackie and I camped with the littles.
I have nursing home stories
and grandkid funnies.
I was pretty sure I was going to retire my blog
but I decided to let you all know
I am alive and well.
I miss you but I am selfish with my time.
I workout every day,
keep the littles, love on baby Cliff,
go see the folks, try to maintain friendships,
spend time with my girls and my farmer
every hour is full...
and to be honest
there is a lot of great TV to watch too :)
Thanks for checking on me and praying for me.
Thanks for caring that I wasn't around.
I am going to try to get some things written down.
I get the feeling you people think you need me.
See what you've gone and done.


  1. We do need you:) So glad life is full. That's just the way it should be.

  2. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy, happy life to let us know!

  3. So happy to hear all is well and you are busy and happy and healthy!

  4. I was wondering about you...sounds like you are doing just fine. Your life sounds busy..and fun..but don't forget about your loyal fans...I missed your funny.

  5. I love that you are living life the way it should be the fullest!

  6. yeah we need you! That is what happened to my blog too. Life happened and writing and keeping up with people takes time so be a once a monther or sumthin but do not retire it is not allowed!!!
    I'd be luvin on Cliff too him is cute!

  7. I swear I was lying in bed last night wondering about you (does that sound weird?) and I thought, "I need to email her in the morning."

    As you know, I've been off the blog radar, but I've at least been able to see that people are posting when their stuff shows up in my inbox. So when I hadn't seen Janie Fox Talks in a while, I noticed.

    You are noticed.

    So glad to hear that all is well.


  8. Your life is full of family - no apologies or explanations needed.
    Oh how I wish my children and grands were not scattered among different time zones!

  9. So happy to hear all is well and that your are living life to overflowing! Hope you'll keep sharing, but will understand if not...
    Happy Fall to you and all yours!

  10. Happy to hear that you are back in blogland . . . missed you :O) xo

  11. But what about uuuuusssss?!?! Good to hear from you.

  12. so glad all is well...I have been worried! :)

  13. We do need you. Have been waiting for a post from you. While I know you are busy, I live vicariously through you and need you to write more often. Glad life is going well for you.

  14. life is good. this is what matters. do what works best... i shall check in periodically. happy trails.

  15. So good to hear your "voice" again janie. I fiigured u had lots going on and u do! Blogging breaks r good! Please tell me u are watching "Nashville"! Hope your parents are hanging steady and i know how wonderfully your grands are doing! Ann

  16. How great is your new laptop??? I love getting new ones!


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