Saturday, November 10, 2012

When things get hairy..

I love shopping networks.
I should never ever ever watch them.
 (shout out to Taylor Swift)
I watch and I buy.
I have just received my last purchase.
The no!no! hair removal tool.
Now, one would think the name would be off-putting,
but I was all yes!yes! and ordered it.
I let it fully charge and gave it a trial run.
The good news is...
I am now hair-free in all the appropriate places.
The bad news is...
I reek of burnt hair.


  1. I have been curious about this for a loooong time!!!! Most days I feel a bit sasquatch-ish!! I am going to ask Santa to bring me one :)

  2. I think I've quit growing here "there".
    Do you think that's possible?
    (Maybe my eye-sight is just so bad that I can't see it.)

  3. So you do like it ? Was it worth the money ? Keep us posted :)


  4. I've never seen this device, Janie. It "burns" your hair off?!?!?! Is the smell worse than Nair? Was it painful? I'm thinking back to the year I asked for some hair removal device for Christmas which my husband generously got me - twisting springs, ripping hair out from the roots - I lasted two seconds at most. I'm taking ^^^^ Rebecca's approach... Ann

  5. I really want one of these. You'll have to do an update after using it some more... please do! :)

  6. You crack me up. I think you'd make me pe my pants If I ever hung out with you and girls in person.

  7. i have always wanted to try one of those but now the burning hair thing sounds vomitus.

  8. So now I'm guilty of coveting my neighbors hair removal device...

  9. Hey kiddo . . . just stopping by to say, "Have a beautiful Thanksgiving with your family and be safe. Blessings, Sandy xo


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